by Liberation Support Movement
Richmond, Canada
2 pages
Type: Leaflet
Coverage in Africa: Angola, Zambia
Coverage outside Africa: Canada
Language: English
Contents: REQUIREMENTS • EQUIPMENT • AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT • SUPPLIES • The report says in August 1972 the LSM Information Center sent the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) an AM/1250 offset press; prior discussion of this project had taken place between the LSM Information Center Director and MPLA President, Dr. Agostinho Neto; following receipt of the MPLA letter reproduced below, detailed discussions of a complete PRINTSHOP PROJECT were held in December 1972 in Lusaka, Zambia between LSM representatives and the head of MPLA's Department of Information and Propaganda (DIP), Paulo Jorge; MPLA's need for a self-sufficient printshop to produce their bulletin, ANGOLA IN ARMS, communiques, educational and medical texts, informational leaflets, posters, etc., was thrown into very sharp relief and it was agreed that the LSM Information Center would launch a campaign in 1973 to supply the DIP with a COMPLETE PRINTSHOP as well as technical people to train MPLA cadres in printing and darkroom procedures; facilities are now being prepared by MPLA for the PRINTSHOP in Lusaka and we are hoping to coordinate the arrival there of necessary equipment, supplies and training cadres for mid-September 1973. The report says to meet this target, however, we will need the support and cooperation of a large number of progressive individuals and groups in North America; we believe that BY COLLABORATING IN THIS MPLA PRINTSHOP PROJECT YOU CAN STRIKE AN EFFECTIVE BLOW AGAINST PORTUGUESE COLONIALISM AND IMPERIALISM, AND FOR A FREE AND PROGRESSIVE ANGOLA!!! The report says the LSM Information Center is planning, largely through contributions made during its SPRING FILM TOUR to raise sufficient monies to purchase & ship three essential pieces of printshop equipment; they are: Vertical Press Camera, Foot-operated Stapler, Paper Folder. The report says in addition to sending initial quantities of the following essential materials, we urge that groups send particular items from the list on a regular basis; supplies are unavailable in Zambia for several months at a time, so the establishment of a continuous flow of these items is necessary if the PRINTSHOP is to function with any consistency. The report says LSM BELIEVES IT IS THE DUTY OF PROGRESSIVE NORTH AMERICANS TO HELP COLONIZED AND OPPRESSED NATIONS IN THEIR STRUGGLES FOR FREEDOM. The report discusses typewriters, IBM Selectric II, plateburner, collator, paper cutter, film, and People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola.
Used by permission of former members of Liberation Support Movement.
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers