by Deborah Toler, TransAfrica Boston Chapter
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
June 9, 1993
10 pages
Type: Meeting Minutes
Coverage in Africa: South Africa, Africa, Eritrea, Horn of Africa, Sudan
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: 1. Review of the Minutes • 2. TransAfrica Forum Update (including 501C tax exempt status) • 3. Committee Reports • A. AIDS FORUM COMMITTEE • B. T-SHIRT COMMITTEE • C. POLICY COMMITTEE • 4. National Report • 5. New Business and Announcements • 6. Report on Eritrean Referendum • Those who attended were Jemadari Kamara, Alix Cantave, Deborah Toler, Tesfay Aradom, James Pritchett, Pearl Robinson, Adelaide Cromwell, Monique Burnett, Priscilla Dass, Geraldine Hines, Sabrina Johnson, Willard Johnson, Winston Langley, Aggrey Mbare, Vicki Meredith, Kwame Sarpong, Magueye Seek, Emira Woods, Effieter Beckford, Andu Gebremichael, Jonah J.M. Ichoya, Katherine N. Ichoya, George Ntumba, Ali Fadalla, Khailsa Wasiyo, Mebrahtu Tewolde, and Geraldine Hines. Sarpong distributed an outline for a forum on the AIDS pandemic in Africa, listing objectives, proposed speakers, format, location, and costs. The planning committee has identified speakers and discussants to cover both the clinical/medical and the social/political aspects of the issue. The Multicultural AIDS Coalition has agreed to co-sponsor the event and to help with designing and distributing a flyer. Approximately 1,600 T-shirts made for the Mandela visit to Boston remain. At the price of $6.00 each, this represents more than a $10,000 asset. The Chapter has met all its financial obligations to FREESA and the ANC for the T-shirt project. We have made one payment to Paul Goodnight, the artist who designed the shirts; he is to receive 50 cents per each shirt sold in the future. Tshirts have been sold at Tracy Chapman concert, a Roxbury carnival, and the 1990 Atlanta Black Arts Festival. Johnson suggested using existing Chapter funds to pay the $2,500 assessment for the new building of the national organization. Pritchett reported on the April 21 Policy Committee forum on Sudan. He has written a draft educational and analytical memo to send to National regarding the missed nuances and media stereotypes about Sudan in the press release National recently issued, about which many of us expressed concern. The presentation on April 21 by Professor Ali Fadlalla from the University of Khartoum's Law School and currently a Visiting Research Associate at Tuft University's Fletcher School, was one source of this analysis. The discussion at the meeting on May 19 will be about Eritrea and the Horn of Africa.
Used by permission of a former member of TransAfrica Boston Chapter.
Collection: Private collection of Willard Johnson