Washington Notes on Africa

(Volume 21 Issue 3)
by Washington Office on Africa
with Dorothy Skinner, Leola Calzolai, Milen Beyene, Julia Wallace, Aishin O'Donnell, Elizabeth Latham, Mahlet Yared, Douglass Tilton, William Minter, Vicki Ferguson, Imani Countess
Washington, DC, United States
Winter 1995-1996
16 pages
Includes information on counties and issues including conflict, peace agreements, prevention of wider conflicts, democratization, and South Africa and the continent. The report refers to a country previous name: Zaire. Contents: View from Washington: Outlook for 1996 • Jean Sindab • Tribute form the National Council of Churches Staff Colleagues • Growing Campaign for Sanctions Against Nigerian Military • An Open Letter to President Clinton and Members of Congress • Signatories to Open Letter to President Clinton and Members of Congress • NCC General Secretary Joan Campbell Statement on Liberia • Legislative Update: Select Legislation Relating to Africa (Country Specific Legislation, General Legislation Relating to Africa) • Legislation Needing Our Immediate Attention • Legislation Passed by the 104th Congress • US/Africa Assistance Falls; Additional Cuts Expected • Selected Foreign Operations Appropriations Conference Report • African Refugee Admissions Stable • FY97 Budget Timeline • Constituency-Building and Mobilization: Keys to Advocacy on African Issues • Mobilize - Join the Rapid Response Network!
Used by permission of the Washington Office on Africa.