ECSA Bulletin

(# 52)
by Episcopal Churchpeople for a Free Southern Africa
with Association of West European Parliamentarians for Action Against Apartheid
New York, New York, United States
January 18, 1987
10 pages
The newsletter reprints newspaper clippings and news dispatches including: "SOUTH AFRICAN GENERAL ON ANGOLAN ARMS BUILD-UP,” "War stagnates promising Mozambican economy" by Karl Maier, "West's Capitalist Credo Costing Lives in Malawi" by Blaine Harden, "Frontline sacrifices expected as decision on sanctions looms" by Jan Raath, "Commerce alarmed at curbs reality,” "LESOTHO ASSURED ON EXPORTS AFTER SANCTIONS,” "ON EVE OF 75TH ANNIVERSARY, NEW SOUTH AFRICA MOVE AGAINST ANC,” "S. African Guerrillas Issue Plea" by Allister Sparks, "U.S. Says South African Rebels Are Obligated to Communists" by Neil A. Lewis, "SOUTH AFRICAN CONSCRIPTS TO SERVE IN TOWNSHIPS AND NAMIBIA.” and "Angola tries to entice exiled dissidents" by Jill Jolliffee.  The newsletter reprints "South Africa and its neighbours" from AWEPPA New Bulletin published by the Association of West European Parliamentarians for Action Against Apartheid. The newsletter discusses Major General George Meuring, conventional arms, security forces, Namibian nationalist guerrillas, the South West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO), the African National Congress (ANC), Transvaal, Pretoria’s rule in Namibia, Angolan pilots, South African aircraft, MIG-21F fighters, helicopters, Angola’s air defense system, Soviet-made surface-to-air missiles, Cuita Cuanavale, UNITA, bush war, the Moatize coal mine, the Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo), Herculano Gosta, Erick de Mur, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), skilled workers, the Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo), the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Finance Minister Abdul Magid Osman, natural gas and minerals, rural areas, subsistence farming, food shortages, displaced persons, the State Natural Disasters Office, Roberto Christien, MNR, the Southern African Development Coordination Conference (SADCC), railway links, sabotage, Zaire’s Shaba province, drought, the Front Line States, the Beira Corridor, food security, liberating investment, Secretary of State George Schultz, child death rate, UNICEF, malnutrition, Life President Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda, sanctions against South Africa, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, Robert Mugabe, Commonwealth countries, tourism, mohair, wool, diamonds,  Roelof "Pik" Botha, the South African Communist Party (SACP), Joachim Chissano, Pieter W. Botha, P.W. Botha, Oliver Tambo, the Reagan administration, Joe Slovo, the UN Security Council, comprehensive mandatory sanctions, a whites-only general election, a one-person-one-vote election, apartheid, Afrikaners, Nelson Mandela, the State Department, the Soviet Union, the South African Defence Force (SADF), strife-torn townships, unrest, national service, the MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola), Daniel Chipenda, Angolan Foreign Minister Alfonse van Dunen, Potugal, President Agostino Neto, FNLA, Jonas Savimbi, and Mawete Joao Baptista.
Used by permission of former board members of the Episcopal Churchpeople for a Free Southern Africa.
Collection: Elizabeth S. Landis collection, National Archives of Namibia