ECSA Bulletin

by Episcopal Churchpeople for a Free Southern Africa
New York, New York, United States
May 28, 1987
10 pages
Contents:  SOUTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION • The newsletter says Southern Africa is the focus of increased military attention from the United States and its West European allies. The South African regime's recent rightward lurch and the renewed determination of liberation movements of Namibia and South Africa, supported by adjacent independent African states, in their struggle for freedom, have created a sense of urgency for the West. A report in the April 30 WASHINGTON POST tells how the U.S. and its NATO allies ”have begun a major buildup of military facilities” in the Azores and Madeira island groups controlled by Portugal that are strategically located in the Atlantic west of Gibraltar where Africa and Europe meet. The Azores particularly have provided crucial way stations for air and naval traffic between North America and those eastern hemisphere continents, a junction point serving the NATO countries, the Middle East and Africa; the heightened emphasis now has to do with containing events along the South Atlantic coast of Africa. An American admiral speaks of a ”military plan, a contingency plan” in view of Soviet warships operating from Luanda and Lobito in Angola. The newsletter says in February, THE NEW YORK TIMES reported on the CIA's use of the abandoned Kamina airbase in Zaire's Shaba province for arms deliveries to UNITA which is fighting the government of adjacent Angola. The newsletter says in mid-April, THE WASHINGTON POST wrote of a two-week joint U.S.-Zairian military exercise at the Kamina base, employing U.S. special force personnel - army, navy and air force. The newsletter reprints newspaper articles including: "The UDF outlines its dream for democracy" by Jo-Ann Bekker, "Two sieges, a bomb blast and several deaths, but Cosatu keeps on talking" by Sefako Nyaka, "Still no SATS response to union" by Sefako Nyaka, "Public sector ready for union growth,” "Prince linked in court to slaying of mine unionist" by Sefako Nyaka, "May Day, 1987: The state is everywhere - but then so it organized labour" by Phillip Van Niekerk, "Cosa-Azactu: Workers should strive for a new order" by Sefako Nyaka, "Cosatu: We must take up the issues" by Sefako Nyaka, "S. Africa Spawns a New Underground" by Allister Sparks, and "MASS TURNOUT OF KATUTURA WORKERS" by Mark Verbaan. The newsletter discusses Walvis Bay, the United Democratic Front (UDF), Murphy Morobe, Frederick van Zyl Slabbert, the Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa, the National Party, the African National Congress (ANC), the State of Emergency, the State Security Council, majority rule, “people’s power,” the Freedom Charter, the Congress of the People, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), Jay Naidoo, SACP (South African Communist Party), violence, the Transvaal Student Congress (Trasco), the National Student Co-ordinating Committee (Nascoc), the Metal and Allied Workers Union (MAWU), the Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union (CCSAUSA), the South African Allied Workers Union, the South African Transport Services (SATS), Eli Louw, Mike Roussos, detention, Sello Ntai, the South African Railway and Harbour Workers’ Union (SAWHWU), Prof. Eddie Webster, the Metal and Allied Workers Union (MAWU), the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), the Chemical and Industrial Workers’ Union (CIWU), Escom, SASOL, the South African Black Municipal and Allied Workers Union (SABMAWU), the South African Chemical Workers’ Union, KwaZulu, the United Workers Union of South Africa (UWUSA), Bhekuyise Ntsangase, death threats, the Legal Resources Centre, the Joint Security Management Commission, Minister of Law and Order Adrian Vlok, Alwyn Schlebusch, the Department of Manpower, Piet van der Merwe, the Labour Relations Act, P.W. Botha, the National Council of Unions (NACTU), Pandelani Negolovhdwe, the Living Wage campaign, the National Security Council, Zwide Township, Cape Province, Casspirs, the South African Youth Congress, Colin Bundy, anti-apartheid groups, Uitenhage, Langa, Rory Riordon, consumer boycotts, May Day, Katutura township, Pastor Nathaniel Nakwatumba, Ben Uulemga, John Pandeni, and Immanuel Shifidi. [Note: The correct spelling may be: Rory Riordan.]
Used by permission of former board members of the Episcopal Churchpeople for a Free Southern Africa.
Collection: Elizabeth S. Landis collection, National Archives of Namibia