[Dear Concerned Citizen, The Concerned Citizens' Committee is still very much alive and functioning]

by Heather Cottin, Concerned Citizens' Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
May 2, 1980
Publisher: Concerned Citizens' Committee on Africa
2 pages
The mailing says the Concerned Citizens' Committee is still very much alive and functioning, even though you have not received the Africa Bulletin or any other news from is for a long time; despite our difficult financial situation, C.C.C.A. has been active in many areas. The mailing says in June 1979, we began to make contacts in the anti-nuclear movement; we distributed our literature and carried our banner at the Shoreham and Indian Point anti-nuclear demonstrations; our literature pointed out that the same financial groups which are financing nuclear power plants here also have investments in South Africa. The mailing says Namibia has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of uranium. The mailing says last spring C.C.C.A. began an outreach program to other anti-apartheid groups in the New York Metropolitan area; we participated in organizing a coalition demonstration at the U.S. State Department against Bishop Muzorewa's visit to the U.S. The mailing says when the military victories of the Patriotic Front produced the impetus for the Lancaster House agreements, C.C.C.A. became involved in a much larger coalition in New York--The Committee to Support the Patriotic Front of Zimbabwe. The leaflet says C.C.C.A. presently is an initial sponsor of the Ad Hoc Committee to Commemorate the Soweto Uprising. The mailing discusses the UN Security Council, ZAPU-PF, ZANU-PF, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the Coalition to Support the Liberation of Southern Africa, Zaire, U.S. policy, and Soweto Day.
Collection: Private collection of Richard Knight