by National Namibia Concerns
Denver, Colorado, United States
Undated, mid-1985?
1 page
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Sample letter for people to send to their Senators, Member of the House of Representatives and President Ronald Reagan, The sample letters say members of the Lutheran churches in this country, representing more than five million people, have repeatedly declared their solidarity with the people of Namibia as they struggle to throw off South African oppression. For more than a hundred years the Namibian people have been denied freedom and self-determination, values which Americans hold dear; we urge you, therefore, to do all you can to see that the United States strongly supports the U.N. Security Council Resolution 435 which calls for a cease fire in Namibia, and U.N. supervised fair and free e1ections! The sample letters say Both the United Nations and the World Court have declared the occupation of Namibia by South Africa to be illegal; nevertheless, South Africa defies world opinion by continuing to hold captive more than one million black Namibians and by exploiting the mineral rich resources of their country. The sample letters say in spite of what South Africa claims, the situation in Namibia is getting worse instead of better; the enforcement of military conscription of all men up to the age of 55 is but one more example of the increased repression in Namibia. The sample letters say I am enclosing a list of 28 persons, detained in the north of Namibia during the last few weeks; one of these has already been killed in detention. I request that you inquire of the South African Ambassador as to the safety and well being of the other persons on this list. The sample letters say forced military conscription means Namibians made to fight against their brothers--apartheid system similar to Nazism--disturbed at our nation's military and nuclear collaboration--increased harassment of church officials~-disturbed at attempts to avoid U.N. supervised elections by setting up "internal solution"--threat ~o increase control of curriculum in church supported schools--Namibia should not be a pawn in an East-West struggle. The sample letters discuss the American Lutheran Church (ALC), Congress, international pressure. And United Nations Resolution 435.
Used by permission of former members of National Namibia Concerns.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root