(Issue 2)
by Africa Policy Information Center
Washington, DC, United States
April 1995
2 pages
The pamphlet says the African continent is made up of 56 independent countries; climates vary from Mediterranean to desert; tropical rainforest occupies less than one tenth of the area, and the most common landscape is open savannah grassland; there are over 1,000 African languages and English, French, Portuguese and Arabic are also widely spoken; and the population of individual countries varies widely from island nations like Cape Verde with less than 500) 000 inhabitants to Nigeria with almost 90 million. The pamphlet says governing systems in Africa range from military regimes and monarchies to civilian single-party states and multi-party systems with active opposition parties; the colonial era left Africa with a legacy of authoritarian rule; and agriculture accounts for about one-fifth of economic output in Sub-Saharan Africa. Contents: POLITICAL SYSTEMS AND ECONOMIES • MILITARISM AND FAMINE • THE U.S. AND AID TO AFRICA • ENVIRONMENT • JOBS AND JUSTICE
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the Africa Policy Information Center).
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers