Address of Dr. Martin Luther King on December 10, 1965 to the South Africa Benefit of the American Committee on Africa at Hunter College, New York City

by Martin Luther King
New York, New York, United States
December 10, 1965
6 pages
King speaks about the persistent negative stereotypes about Africans, but he points out that the savages and brutes in Africa today are the sophisticated white rulers of South Africa who profess to be cultured, religious, and civilized. Human rights is the central question confronting all nations. In South Africa, all opponents of white supremacy are condemned as communist. Due process has been destroyed, and there is torture in jails, suicide among prisoners, and forced confessions. The U.S. government and companies provides massive support, for example by investing in the motor and rubber industries, extending some $40 million in loans, purchasing gold and other minerals, granting South Africa a sugar quota, and maintaining three tracking stations there and cooperating in construction and fueling of a nuclear reactor. The extensive economic relations of the great powers with South Africa suggest a potent international nonviolent path. The time has come to utilize nonviolence through a massive international boycott by the USSR, Great Britain, France, the United States, Germany, and Japan. A boycott such be extended to Rhodesia and Portugal, colonial master of Angola and Mozambique.
Used by permission Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa).
Collection: George M. Houser (Africa collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections