[Sir Roy Welensky, Prime Minister of the Central African Federation, recent speech on the American Committee on Africa]

by American Committee on Africa
with George M. Houser
New York, New York, United States
February 10, 1960
4 pages
The cover letter quotes Sir. Roy Welensky, Prime Minster of the Central African Federation, about the anti-colonial spirit in the United States and the impact of the American Committee on Africa (ACOA). The cover letter says increasingly ACOA is looked upon as the principal organization representing Americans concerned for African equality and freedom. The 1960 Program Of The American Committee On Africa says 1960 will be of great importance in Africa. In the first month, the second All-African People's Conference was held at Tunis. Rapid progress toward self-government is taking place in Tanganyika and Algeria. In January, the French Cameroons became Cameroun; French Togoland becomes independent in April, the Belgian Congo in June, Somalia in July, and Nigeria in October. The struggle for equal rights will intensify in such places as Kenya and South Africa. The United Nations will again face crucial decisions on economic and political needs in Africa. Program contents: I. Public Information • A. Speaking tour for African Leaders • B. Publications • C. Public meetings and conferences • II. United States Policy and United Nations Program • A. Information and recommendations • B. Consultation • C. African petitioners to the UN • III. Special Events • A. All-African People's Conference • B. African Freedom Day • C. Nigerian Independence • D. Other special events • IV. Direct Aid • A. Services to African students • B. The African Defense and Aid Fund • The 1960 Budget of the American Committee on Africa • The purposes of the American Committee on Africa
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