List of Participants - International Seminar on the Role of Transnational Corporations in Namibia

(Document No. NS-42)
by American Committee on Africa
Washington, DC, United States
December 1982
11 pages
Contents: SWAPO • Belgium • Canada • Denmark • France • Federal Republic of Germany • Japan • The Netherlands • Norway • Sweden • United Kingdom • United States • United Nations Institute for Namibia • OBSERVERS • UNITED NATIONS ONSERVERS • UN Council for Namibia • UN Council for Namibia Secretariat • UN Special Committee Against Apartheid • Office of the UN Commissioner for Namibia • UN Centre on Transnational Corporations • OTHER OBSERVERS • OFFICERS • SECRETARIAT • List of people who attended the International Seminar on the Role of Transnational Corporations in Namibia and the Sheraton Washington Hotel in Washington, DC November 29 - December 2, 1982.  Participants were: Theo-Ben Gurirab, Permanent Observer to the United Nations; Hinananye Nehova, SWAPO Representative to ICSA (UK); Hinyangerwa Asheeke, Deputy Observer to the UN, New York; Jan van Heukelom, Aktie Kommittee Zuid Afrika; Betsy Alkenbrack, Toronto Committee for the Liberation of Southern Africa (TCLSAC); Sterling Bjorndahl, Inter-Lutheran Committee for Nuclear Responsibility; Susan Hurlich, Oxfam-Canada; J. Murray MacInnes, Anglican Church of Canada; Moira Hutchinson, Taskforce on the Churches and Corporate Responsibility; Eric Erichsen, Danish Association for International Cooperation; Jacques Marchand, Mouvement Anti-Apartheid; Henning Melber, Information Centre on Southern Africa; Gottfried Helmut Wellmer, Anti-Apartheid Movement; Yoko Kitazawa, Pacific-Asian Resource Center; David de Beer; Peter Sluiter, Holland Committee on Southern Africa (Komitee Zuidelijk Afrika); Dag Hareide, Namibia Association of Norway; Bertil Hӧgberg, The Africa Groups of Sweden; Arne Tostensen, The Scandinavian Institute of African Studies; Brian Bolton, Transport and General Workers Union; Christopher Child, Anti-Apartheid Movement; Wilfrid Grenville-Grey, International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (IDAFSA); Richard Moorsom; Alun Roberts; Terry Shott, End Loans to South Africa (ELTSA); Brian Wood, Namibia Support Committee; James Cason, Southern Africa Committee; Carole Collins, Campaign to End Bank Loans to South Africa (COBLSA); Allan Cooper; Koko Farrow; Elizabeth Ussher Groff, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC); Richard Hall, United Auto Workers, AFL-CIO; Mark Harrison, Clergy and Laity Concerned; Sylvia Hill, Kathy Flewellen, Southern Africa Support Project; Gail Hovey, American Committee on Africa (ACOA); Brenda Ithana, Coalition for Free South Africa and Namibia; William Johnston, Episcopal Churchmen for South Africa (ECSA); Solveig Kjeseth, Namibia Concerns; Patricia Kyle, SUMOSSA (Southern Indiana United Methodists and Others in Support of Southern Africa); Rollins Lambert, U.S. Catholic Conference; Elizabeth Landis; Anthony Lewis, Black Vanguard Resource Center; Kenneth Martin, American Friends Service Committee; Harold Massey, United Methodist Board of Church and Society; Gay McDougal, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law; Carlyle McKetty, National Black United Front; James Morrell, Center for International Policy; Daki Napata, Baltimore Southern Africa Action Coalition; Beneva Nyamu, Houston Southern Africa Task Force; Susanne Riveles, Amnesty International U.S.A., Randall Robinson, TransAfrica; Jean Sindab, Kenneth Zinn, Washington Office on Africa (WOA); Melba Smith, United Methodist Office for the United Nations; Martin Sӧvik, Lutheran Council, U.S.A.; Terisa Turner, International Oil Working Group; and Wilfred Asombang (United Nations Institute for Namibia). OBSERVERS included: H.E. Mohamed Sahnoun (Algeria), Amitav Banerji (India), Maria-Eugenia Trujillo (Venezuela), Leonard Kapungu, Francis Vendrell, Maria Almeida, Abdul Hamid (Indonesia), Yobert SHamapande, Randy Cline-Thomas, hoand  Anne Miroux. OTHER OBSERVER include: Dan De Maio, World Federation of Trade Unions; Francesta Farmer, Congressional Black Caucus (U.S.A.); Edward May, Lutheran World Federation; Sean McManus, Rita Mullan, Irish National Caucus; and Laura Pasternak, Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization. OFFICERS include: Sean McBride, President of the Seminar; William Booth, Vice-President, American Committee on Africa; Edgar Lockwood, Vice-President, Washington Office on Africa Educational Fund; David de Beer, Rapporteur; and Paul Irish, Secretary. SECRETARIAT includes: Jennifer Davis, Paul Irish, Richard Knight, Joshua Nessen, Christine Root, and Lynn Barbee (Photographs). [Note: maybe Coalition for Free South Africa and Namibia should be Coalition for a Free South Africa and Namibia.]
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