Canadian and Namibian Uranium

by Taskforce of the Churches and Corporate Responsibility, American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
November 29 - December 2, 1982
Publisher: American Committee on Africa
27 pages
Paper presented at the International Seminar on "The Role of Transnational Corporations in Namibia" in Washington, D.C. The report notes that the Canadian Department of External Affairs has stated there are no impediments in Canada to importing and processing Namibian uranium. The report discuses Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ), Rio Algom, Rossing Uranium Ltd., Falconbridge, and Eldorado Nuclear Ltd. The report says: Canada is one of the five nations in the Contact Group that in 1977 assumed responsibility for bringing about a peaceful and just independence for Namibia. All five nations have powerful corporate interests involved in various aspects of the resource sector in Namibia, especially in the uranium industry. Canadian corporations are involved in the exploration, extraction, processing and sale of Namibian uranium. • Summary • Canada and Namibian Uranium • A. Canada's Response to International Law • 1. Termination of the Mandate, 1966 • 2. The UN Council for Namibia, 1967 • 3. Security Council Actions, 1970 • 4. United Nations Decree No. 1, 1974 • 5. The Hearings on Namibian Uranium • B. Canada and Namibia Uranium-Extraction, Exploration, Processing, Sale • 1. Extraction • a) Working Conditions • b) Military Links • 2) Exploration • 3) Processing • 4) Transportation • 5) Sales • Notes
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