Angola Weekly News Summary

by MPLA Solidarity Committee
New York, New York, United States
December 18, 1975
8 pages
The situation in Angola has now become a prominent focus in the media, and distortions and inaccuracies mount as public discussion increases. The most important area of misinformation concerns the nature of the war now taking place in Angola. It is not a civil war. The MPLA-led forces of the People's Republic of Angola are engaged in battle against groups composed primarily of outside interests: South Africans, Zaireans, right-wing Portuguese and former military officials. • The U.S .Navy's carrier Independence, the cruiser Boston and 3 DDLs (destroyer escorts) are now in the Azores on full alert for action in Angola, according to Sean Gervasi , a well-known commentator on, African affairs, who cites highly placed Defense Department sources. Gervasi's Sources indicate that these ships have been given contingency orders that include flying tactical air support strikes over Angola. • The past week has witnessed setbacks for the South African invading forces, increasingly bitter strains within the opportunistic FNLA-UNITA-South Africa alliance, and the escalation of U.S. intervention in support of the beleaguered alliance. • Fourteen African nations have so far recognized the Peoples' Republic of Angola (PRA). Contents: U.S. Attention Focuses on Angola • New Revelations on U.S. Intervention • South Africa and Angola • South Africa to Enlarge Angola Role • International Recognition of PRA • Where MPLA Is In Firm Control It's Peaceful • Actions to Support the People's Republic of Angola
Used by permission of former members of the MPLA Solidarity Committee.
Collection: Private collection of Richard Knight