Washington Notes on Africa

(Vol. II, no. 3)
by American Committee on Africa
with Charles Hightower (Editor)
Washington, DC, United States
About June or July 1970
10 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa, Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal
Language: English
The newsletter includes an article about President Nixon’s nomination of John G. Hurd as U. S. Ambassador to South Africa. The newsletter includes excerpts of the address of Major General Sir Francis de Guingand, president of the South Africa Foundation (SAF), to the tenth annual SAF general meeting. It also reports on the U.S. denial of a visitor's visa to Mrs. Shirley Graham Du Bois, widow of Dr. William E. B. Du Bois. The newsletter reports that most African diplomats have adopted a wait-and-see policy to the announcement by U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations Charles Yost that the U. S. will discourage American investments in Namibia. Yost said that the Export-Import Bank would refrain from granting loan guarantees for investments there. The newsletter reports on a hearing under the acting chairmanship of Representative John G. Culver (D-Iowa) at which Abdul Minty of the Anti-Apartheid Movement of Britain testified. Congressman Charles C. Diggs, Jr. (D-Michigan) chaired a second session of the Subcommittee on Africa of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to hear testimony by Assistant Secretary of State David D. Newsom. Diggs recently completed a trip to Mali, Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Congo-Kinshasa, Guinea-Conakry, Sierra Leone, the Ivory Coast, Upper Volta, Burundi, and Rwanda. The newsletter reports that South West Africa People's Organization reported on April 6 on a secret trial underway in Pretoria, South Africa in which ten SWAPO members are charged with violating the Terrorism Act. Contents: A Perfect Nixon Man • Partners • The Processes of Justice • Wait-And- See • House Subcommittee on Africa Hearings Reconvene • Secret Trial in Pretoria
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