Washington Notes on Africa

(Vol. I No. 12)
by American Committee on Africa
with Gary Gappert (Editor)
Washington, DC, United States
Undated, late December 1969 or early January 1970
9 pages
The newsletter says recent U.S. government statements or events hint at a return to more fervent "normality" in relations with the white regimes. The newsletter reports that Congressman Coughlin noted that, in spite of the arms embargo against South Africa, military export sales to South Africa have been around $35 million since 1962. In late November, the Finance Minister of South Africa revealed that his government would not ask for enewal of a $4 million line of credit provided by 11 U.S. banks; a Committee of Conscience Against Apartheid, headed by A. Phillip Randolph, has spearheaded a campaign against the credit. It has been reported that the Rhodesian Air Force is helping to protect the Cabora Bassa dam site in Mozambique. Contents: 1. Nixon's Non-Policy Becomes More Non • 2. Shifts in U.S.-Nigeria-Biafra Policy • 3. One Small Retreat for South Africa: One Giant Victory for Anti-Apartheid Forces, or, All That Gold Doesn't Glitter • 4. Soapy Williams Skids with New Book • 5. Copper and Zambia • 6. Rhodesian Hearings • 7. Relief for Tunisia • 8. State Prepares Green Light for Business in South Africa • 9. Lefkowitz Hits South African Airways • 10. Other Notes • Hightower Gets ACOA Post • More on Rhodesia • ASA Pulls A Co-op
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Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa).
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