To: The ICCR Work Group on Transnational Corporations

by Tim Smith, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
New York, New York, United States
July 31, 1978
Publisher: Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
9 pages
Type: Memorandum
Coverage in Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The memorandum says the Long Range Planning meeting identified Southern Africa and Chile as the two key areas of focus for 1978-79 regarding the role of transnational corporations in repressive societies. An enclosure presents 1978 campaigns focused on several issues of economic involvement in Southern Africa: (1) Bank loans, (2) No expansion in South Africa, (3) No strategic sales to the government of South Africa, (4) Withdrawal from South Africa, (5) Cut-back of oil sales to South Africa because of transshipment to Rhodesia. • Southern Africa • 1978 Campaigns • Bank Campaign • Possible Action Steps for 1978-79 • Research, Information, Publicity • Public Policy • Meetings With Management • Stockholder Actions • Withdrawal of Accounts • International Networking • Networking • No Expansion • No Sales to the South African Government • Withdrawal • Oil to Rhodesia • Chile • Rationale • Objectives • Actions • Suggested Actions • New Investments in Chile • Miscellaneous • Technology • Political Contributions
Used by permission of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility.
Collection: George M. Houser (Africa collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections