Southern Africa

by Southern Africa Committee
New York, New York, United States
November 1978
36 pages
Contents: THE US - STILL ARMING APARTHEID by Joshua Nessen • SPECIAL REPORTS: In Zimbabwe 1000 American Mercenaries Fight Against African Liberation by Malik Reaves • Open Oilgates to Rhodesia-Exposure causes British Scandal by Karen Rothmyer • U.S. Arms Embargo Regulations: Weak on Paper, Weaker in Practice • Gun Running to South Africa • INTERVIEW Impression of a Movement Ready to Run the Government, George Houser talks about his visits with the Patriotic Front to Mike Shuster • NAMIBIA Unchecked by West, South Africa Plans for Control • ZIMBABWE • Salisbury Struggles to Survive • THE CASUALTIES MOUNT • ZAMBIA • Kaunda Opens Border to Rhodesia • SOUTH AFRICA • New Leader—Same Policy, But Black Pressure and Shifting White Interests Create New Tensions for Apartheid's Guardians • Arms Embargo Regulations: Weak on Paper, Weaker in Practice • Gun Running to South Africa •  Smith Parties in New York • washington notes • Visa for Smith • ANGOLA • Seeking Some Peace to Grow In • BOOK REVIEW Let Freedom Come: Africa in Modern History, by Basil Davidson, Atlantic Monthly Press • ACTION NEWS AND NOTES Nationwide Protests Greet Smith • MERCENARIES UNDER ATTACK • SPECIAL REPORT In Zimbabwe 1000 American Mercenaries Fight Against African Liberation by Malik Reave • MERCENARIES AND THE LAW • The newsletter discusses the American Committee on Africa (ACOA), ZANU, ZAPU, Ian Smith, Robert Mugabe, Julius Nyerere, Bishop Abel Muzorewa, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, President Carter, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), Chief Jeremiah Chirau, the Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole, the UN Charter, the UN Security Council, Joshua Nkomo, the White House, Sen. Hayakawa, the Rhodesian government, Kenneth Kaunda, railways, Pieter Botha (PW Botha), "Piet Wapens" (Pete Weapons), David Owen, Pik Botha, the UN plan for Namibia, the South African military and police, a mandatory arms embargo, the Commerce Department, the Carter administration, Seymour G. Freilich, Concealable Body Armor of America, Inc., Richard Beck, handguns, rifles, ammunition, the South African Defense Force (SADF, South African Defence Force), conservative southern and western Senators, Ndabaningi Sithole, TransAfrica, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Parren Mitchel, NAACP President Benjamin Hooks, Rev. Jesse Jackson of PUSH, Vernon Jordan of the National Urban League, Harry Belafonte, Rev. Leon Sullivan, Rep. Charles Diggs, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, Jesse Helms, President Neto, President Machel, President Mobutu of Zaire, MPLA, UNITA, SWAPO, De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd., the diamond industry, FNLA, FLEC, the International Red Cross, Cuban soldiers, prisoners, the European Common Market, Belgian Foreign Minister Henri Simonnet, the Lome Convention, Paulo Jorge, Sonangol, Gulf Oil Corporation, Cabinda Gulf Oil, Kennedy Airport, the ANC (African National Congress), Rhodesia apologist Robin Moore, ex-mercenary Mike Williams, the National Press Club, the Council on Foreign Relations, Nelson Rockefeller, Southern Africa Solidarity Committee (SASC), the United Nations Committee Against Apartheid, Sean Gervasi, Lockheed F104G fighter-bombers, North American F-51D Cavalier counter-insurgency strike aircraft, Augusta-Bell 205-A Iroquois helicopters, US Patton tanks, Panhards, Donald McHenry, Soldier of Fortune, Tapson Maware, Lawrence Meyers, the CIA, Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown, the FBI, ROTC, the Justice Department, National Lawyers Guild Vice President John Quigley, Special Forces, George Bacon, Royal Dutch/Shell, Mobil, Caltex, Standard Oil of California, Texaco, Sir Frank McFadzean, Bernard Rivers , Martin Bailey, BP (British Petroleum), Jorge Jardim, SASOL, Harold Wilson, the Bingham report, Ken Geeling, FRELIMO, Bill Beck, U.S. racism, white rule, Mobil South Africa, and South African Secretary for Commerce Joep Steyn.
This item was digitized for Aluka, which made it available to the African Activist Archive.
Used by permission of former members of the Southern Africa Committee.
Collection: Northwestern University Libraries