Southern Africa

(Vol. VII, No. 9)
by Southern Africa Committee
New York, New York, United States
October 1974
36 pages
Contents: errata • EDITORIAL NO PINTCHA! FORWARD! • 1. Feature • Translating the Spirit of the People: A New System of Justice in Guinea-Bissau by Stephanie Urdang • 2. South Africa • Courageous Resistance to Removal Defeated • Bantustan News • Coloured Affairs • Church Call for Conscientious Objectors • Pass Laws Judgement Spurs Controversy • Vorster on Racism • Black Instead of Bantu • Foreign Relations with Black Africa • South African Relations with Mozambique and Portugal • Sports • ECONOMICS • Anglo American will Recognize Black Unions-But Not Unilaterally! • Platinum Profits Up Despite Tight World Money Scene • GM Plans New South African Car • Capital Consolidation in South Africa • 3. Namibia • SWAPO Rally in Windhoek • "One Namibia, One Nation" • The Cocktail Party • Supreme Court Demonstration • Floggings • Inquiry into Namibian Refugees in Angola • Investigation of Massacre-Government Tour to Caprivi • 4. Zimbabwe • Fearful Whites Reaffirm Smith • Chiweshe Removals: Operation Overload • Guerilla Struggle • Illegal Immigration Office in London • 5. Portugal and Africa • ANGOLA • MPLA Congress Over: No New Leadership • Aftermath of Riots in Luanda • Two Year Deadline Set for Angolan Independence • UNITA Ceasefire Agreement Uncertain • Cabinda Watched Closely by Portuguese • MOZAMBIQUE • PORTUGAL • The Road Ahead • GUINEA-BISSAU • Victory for Guinea-Bissau • On the Diplomatic Front • NATO Plans on Cape Verde • Inside Guinea-Bissau • On the Cape Verde Islands • 6. United States and Southern Africa • President Ford's First Actions on Africa • Civil Suit Filed by Congressman • 7. At The United Nations • WFP and UNDP Aid to Southern Africa • Sanctions Committee Investigating Rhodesian Iron and Steel Co. • IATA Breaks with Air Rhodesia • Brutality in Rhodesia • Apartheid Committee on Killings of Miners • 8. Action News and Notes • Miners and Dockworkers Boycott South African Coal • New York Times Receives Stay on Discrimination Case • Group Mobilizes on Virginia Bank Loans to South Africa • Organizing on Guinea-Bissau • Boston Demonstrations • South African Police Athletes Dis-Invited to Police Olympics • US Travel Agencies Attacked for Breaking Rhodesian Sanctions • 9. Update • Guinea-Bissau Announces New Capital • Angola: MPLA Unity • Mozambique: Whites Rebel • The newsletter includes a review of Angola Secret Government Documents on Counter Subversion. Translated and Edited by Caroline Reuver Cohen and William Jerman (IDOC). The newsletter includes a poem by Elombe Brath. The newsletter discusses Amilcar Cabral, PAIGC, Jennifer Davis, The Africa Fund, Fidelis Cabral, Chief Albert Ramaube, the Bapedi people in the Eastern Transvaal, African workers, the Department of Bantu Administration, Bantu Affairs Commissioner for Northern Areas Mr. J.S.J Pieterse, Bothashoek, Praktiseer, Hlogoyatleu, Vendaland, Transkei, The Africa Publication, the Unit on Apartheid, Bophuthatswana, Lukas Mangope, the Coloured Representatives Council, the Labour Party, the pro-apartheid Federal Party, Buthelezi, the Nationalist Party (National Party), Defence Minister P.W. Botha, Rev. C. F. Beyers Naude, the South African Council of Churches (SACC, S.A.C.C.), the Christian Institute, Rev. Theo Kotze, Rt. Rev. Kenneth Hallowes, Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa, Catholic Archbishop of Cape Town Owen Cardinal McCann, Catholic Archbishop of Durban the Most Rev. Dennis Hurley, the Supreme Court in Natal, reference book (pass book), Mr. Manlakiso Zikalala, the Minister of Police, Minister of Bantu Administration, Prime Minister John Vorster, South African Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Hilgard Muller, Interior and Information Minister Dr. Connie Mulder, the National Party of South West Africa, Professor van Zyl Slabbert, President Kenneth Kaunda, the Progressive Party, Helen Suzman, Prime Minister Prince Mahosimi Dhlamini, Colin Eglin, President Sir Seretse Khama, President General Yakabu Gowan, Government of Malawi, Dr. Hastings Banda, Lourenco Marques, Minister of Sports, rugby, e non-racial South African Cricket Board of Control (S.A.C.B.C.),  Solly Chotia, Yousei Cajee, the International Cricket Conference (I.C.C.), Billy Griffith, a Black student organization, SASO (South African Students Organization), Anglo American Corporation of South Africa, trade unions, Johannesburg Consolidated Investment (JCI), the National Union of Textile Workers, SA Fabrics, migrant workers, African unions, Impala Platinum, Barlow Rand Limited, Union Corporation (Unicorp), Gold Fields of South Africa Limited, the Soviet Union, the Rand Mine Group, Charles Engelhard, Weyerhauser, Caterpillar, Consolidated Gold Fields of London, minerals, the South West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO), Thomas Ndalikutala Komati, white South African security branch policemen, St. Mary's Anglican Mission, the Terrorism Act, SWAPO Youth League, Ezriel Taapopi, Joseph Kashea, Amnesty International, the World Health Organization, 'Sjambok', he Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Douglas P. Wachholz, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mario Soares. John Otto, Ovabloland, the Caprivi Strip, the Rhodesian Front, Ian Smith, Bishop Muzorewa, the African National Council (ANC), FRELIMO, Chiweshe Reserve, Rhodesian security forces, freedom fighters, ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union), ZAPU (Zimbabwe African Peoples Union), Kenneth Chisango, the British Foreign Office, a Rhodesian Publicity and Information Service, Daniel Chipenda, Dr. Agonstino Neto, MPLA, FNLA, Vernon Mwaanga, Kenneth Kaunda, the Conference of East and Central African Heads of State, David Martin, BBC, Holden Roberto, C.I.A. funds, UNITA, w Governor-General Silvino Sererio Marques, General Spinola, General Costa Gomes, the DGS (Secret Police), Dr. Jonas Savimbi, Luis Ranque, the Cabindan Liberation Front (FLEC), PIDE/DGS agents, Prime Minister Vasco GonÒ«alves,  the Lusaka Agreement, the Portuguese armed forces, Victor Maria, the OAU (Organization of African Unity), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), SACLANT (Supreme Allied Command-Atlantic), President Gerald Ford, the Byrd Amendment, Secretary of State Kissinger, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Representative Charles C. Diggs Jr., Secretary of Commerce Frederick B. Dent, seal skins, Senator Strom Thurmond, the Fouke Company, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, the World Food Program, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Anthony Gilpin, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Secretary General Dr. Kurt Waldheim, the UN Security Council's Sanctions Committee, Knut Hammarskjoeld, Roman Catholic Bishop of Umtali Bishop Donald Lamont, the UN Decolonization Committee, UN Committee on Apartheid, the Lorraine Gold Mine, the Harmony Gold mines, United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), the Southern Company, William Baxley, the U.S. Customs Commissioner, forced labor, Coalition To Stop South Africa Coal, Tapson Mawere, Henry Lieberg, the American Committee on Africa (ACOA), Sam Littlefield, the International Longshoremans (ILA), the New England Electric System of Massachusetts, loans to the Government of South Africa, the Lawyers Committee for Constitutional Rights, the United Church of Christ (UCC), the United Virginia Bank , the European American Banking Corporation, the Episcopal Churchmen for South Africa (ECSA), the Committee to Support the Republic of Guinea Bissau, Mayor Joseph Alioto of San Francisco, Judge William Booth, Robert Chrisman, the National Anti-Imperialist Movement in Solidarity with African Liberation (NAIMSAL), the San Francisco Police Department, the South African Police (SAP), Jack Anderson, the UCC Center for Social Action, Ford Motor Company, Holiday Inns, Air Rhodesia, the US Treasury Department, the FAA, tourism, the women’s struggle in Guinea-Bissau, Stephanie Urdang, Madina Boe, Joachim Chissano, Portuguese High Commissioner in Mozambique Rear Admiral Victor Crespo, Pinto Andrade, Tony Avirgan, and the Settlers' Rebellion.
This item was digitized for Aluka, which made it available to the African Activist Archive.
Used by permission of former members of the Southern Africa Committee.
Collection: Northwestern University Libraries