Southern Africa

A Monthly Survey of News and Opinion
(VOL. V, No. 6)
by Southern Africa Committee
New York, New York, United States
June-July 1972
48 pages
Contents: FEATURE ARTICLE • "U.S. Supports White Rule in Southern Africa: Military and Strategic Aspects" by Jennifer Davis •  INSIDE SOUTH AFRICA •  Thirteen sentenced under Terrorism Act • Secret Service Gets More Funds • Separate Development under attack by Africans • Black Political Movements being Organized • ECONOMICS • South African Sugar for Japan • Increase in Tourism • Jobless Rate Sours • More Work for Blacks • Honeywell Strikes Again • Increased Steel Output • United States Steel Acquires Mineral Rights • THE LIBERATION MOVEMENTS • UNESCO Investigating MPLA Project • Liberation Seminar Suggested • O.A.U. Trips and Meetings • Swiss Aid to Movements • African National Congress Commemorates 60th Year • THE U.S. AND SOUTHERN AFRICA • Violators of Rhodesian Sanctions • General U.S. Policy • Black Envoy for South Africa? • South Africa and NASA • Munger in South Africa • Diggs and American Policy • Addis Ababa U.N. Security Council Meeting • Candidates on Africa • Moves to Restore Sanctions on Chrome • Satellite Cooperation • Wilkins Joins Advocates of Dialogue • THE CHURCHES AND SOUTHERN AFRICA • "Godspell" Rejects South Africa's Invitation • United Methodist Conference in Atlanta • New Zealand Priest Opposes 1973 Springbok Tour • DEFENSE • All the Ships at Sea • Need to Deal with Revolutionary War • West Cooperation to Increase • S.A. Commended • STUDENTS • Demonstrations, Strikes, Tear-Gas, and Violence • INSIDE NAMIBIA • Strikers Detained-Police Action in Ovamboland Continues • Report Says No Basic Change in Contract Labor Systems • South Africa uses Black Troops in Namibia • International Conference Held in Brussels on Namibia • SOUTH AFRICA'S NEIGHBORS • Lesotho: Showdown Over Dialogue • German Ambassador and the Colonial Mentality (Lesotho) • Botswana Expulsions and Bridges to Black Africa • Swaziland: One Party Rule? • President Kaunda Accuses South African Press • Muller Threatens Zambia • Dam Frees Zambia from Rhodesian Dependence • Malawi: Fouche Visit • AT THE UNITED NATIONS •  Apartheid Committee Holds Special Session on Political Action • African Appeal on Environment to UN Conference at Stockholm • Decolonization Committee Recognizes PAIGC • Human Rights Commission on South African Genocide • Decolonization Committee Ends Historic Meeting in Africa • U.S. Senate Votes to Continue Violation of Sanctions • INSIDE ZIMBABWE • Britain Accepts 'NO' Vote • Worst Disaster in Africa • THE PORTUGUESE TERRITORIES • General Spinola Kept On • Military Activities in Guinea-Bissau • Armed Forces as Administrators • Portugal "Africanizes" her Colonial Wars • Portuguese Secret Service and C.I.A.? • Military Expenses Rises - Expenditure for Development Falls • Summary of Losses Reported by Portuguese • U.S. and Portugal • Twelve Portuguese on Trial as A.R.A. Sympathizers • U.S. Loan to Angola • Portuguese Report Use of Heavy Artillery by MPLA • West German Journalist with MPLA Reports • Portuguese Dry Dock in Bahrain? • MPLA Development Progress • Angola Labor Conditions Revealed in Secret Portuguese Document • Texaco Now Involved in Angola Oil Production • Portuguese Intrusions into Zambia • Explosions Damages Trains • FRELIMO President Speaks on Production • Priests on Trial before Military • American Groups Reported negotiating to Exploit Flouride in Mozambique • Delegation from National War College (U.S.) Visits Mozambique • FRELIMO 10th Anniversary • Mozambique Balance of Payments • Military Activity in Mozambique • Portugal Attacks Southern Tanzania: Two Planes Shot Down • ACTION NEWS AND NOTES • OAU Conference in Kampala Military Liberation Emphasized • African Actions • Foundation Grants $8,000 to Liberation Movements • European Actions • English Protest • Dutch Group Opposes Common Market Concession to Portugal • Stockholders Protest-London Style • Somalia Aids Zimbabwe Movement • Blacks Assail Azalea Festival in Virginia as Symbol of Portuguese Colonialism • Summary of Spring Stockholder Actions • Diamond Symposium in Ohio • Viet Nam Veterans Protest Ship en route to Portuguese Africa • Liberation Support from West Coast • Audubon Society Travelling Lecture Protested • Washington Conference Draws Hundreds • Denver Project • Committee for Positive Action Formed • American Accused of Bombing Zaire Mission Sentenced • "Portuguese" African Demos • MACSA Plans Namibia Drive • African Liberation Day-A Participant’s View • Word from African Liberation Day •
This item was digitized for Aluka, which made it available to the African Activist Archive.
Used by permission of former members of the Southern Africa Committee.
Collection: Northwestern University Libraries