Southern Africa

A Monthly Survey of News and Opinion
(VOL. V, No. 2)
by Southern Africa Committee
New York, New York, United States
February 1972
28 pages
Contents: 1. FEATURE ARTICLE: "Polaroid and South Africa - A Year After the Experiment" • 2. INSIDE SOUTH AFRICA • No Exit for Sobukwe and Naidoo • NUSAS Head with Spro-Cas • Release of Political Prisoner • Essop Hearing • 23 Still Detained • Government Seeks to Divide Zulus • Professor Guilty • Aftermath of October Raids Timol Hearing • 3. INSIDE NAMIBIA: Namibia Strike Continues as Military Units Move In • 4. INSIDE ZIMBABWE • On the Road to Recognition • The U.N. and the Settlement • Vultures Move In • An the African Front • 5. THE PORTUGUESE TERRITORIES • MPLA Plans First National Congress Inside Angola • China and Portuguese Colonialism • USSR Base in Guinea Feared by Portugal • Portuguese Barracks Destroyed in Angola • American Companies Exploit Natural Gas in Mozambique • Planes to be Built in Mozambique • FRELIMO Harasses all Routes to Cabora Bassa • Food Shortages Result from Napalming in Angola • Angolan Oil Production Increases Continue • Too Much Coffee • PAIGC Requests U.N. Recognition • Portuguese Plane Shot Down by Guinea • FRELIMO Blocks Attempted Portuguese Offensive in Niassa • U.S. Jazzman Detained in Portugal • Continued Sabotage in Portugal • Portuguese Military Outlay 1967/1968 to 1971 • 6. ACTIONS NEWS AND NOTES • Actions by Liberation Support Groups • Madison Area Committee • Polaroid Revolutionary Workers • European Actions • Aid to Liberation Movements • OAU Action • Boss Probe Reveals More Facts • South Africa Public Relations Problems • 7. THE UNITED STATES AND SOUTHERN AFRICA • Chrome • U.S. Position on Rhodesia • S.A. Imports into the U.S. and Forced Labor • Diggs Protests About U.S. Policy • Lee Elder • Azores Agreement • Reps and Senators Oppose Pact • Diggs' Resignation • Opinion • How is this Agreement Important to Portugal? • Panel Report • Postscript • What Does the Agreement Mean to the U.S.? • 8. ECONOMICS • Rand Devalued • Nixon Official Suggests "Philadelphia Plan" for South Africa • General Motors to Expand in South Africa • South African Economy Continues to Slump • Diggs Attacks Role of U.S. Firms in South Africa • Black Postal Workers Take Over White Jobs • South African Economy: Facts and Figures • 9. THE CHURCHES AND SOUTHERN AFRICA • Radio Rhodesia Condemns World Council of Churches • Archbishop Demonstrates Against Detention Laws • British Church Leaders Unhappy with Rhodesian Settlement • Plan for Social Change Submitted in South Africa • 10. AT THE UNITED NATIONS • General Assembly Resolution Warns U.S. Against Importing Rhodesian Chrome and Confirms NIBMAR • Peking in U.N. Places Its Support to Liberation Movements in Southern Africa • General Assembly Special Political Committee Resolution Asks Security Council Action Against South Africa • General Assembly Requests Special Report on Maltreatment and Torture of Prisoners in South Africa • U.N. Council for Namibia Makes Recommendations to Assembly • New York University Professor Suggests Foreign Fishing Fleets Invade South West African Waters • General Assembly Plea to Trade Unions for Intensified Action Against Apartheid in 1972 • 11. DEFENSE • Macedonian Cry Sound • Portugal-South Africa Axis • Six Corvettes for South Africa • Zambia's Show of Force • 12. SPORTS • U.N. Calls for Isolation of South African Sportsmen • Controversy in New Zealand Over Nonwhite Omissions • Hain Trial: Prosecutor Loses $25,000 Annual Salary • Welsh Hockey Association In Apartheid Dispute • "Multiracial" Track Meeting • 13. STUDENTS • U.S. Students on White Dominance • 14. CULTURE • Play Ban on South Africa Remains • British Cultural Unions to Boycott South Africa • Flow of Black Entertainers to South Africa Continues
This item was digitized for Aluka, which made it available to the African Activist Archive.
Used by permission of former members of the Southern Africa Committee.
Collection: Northwestern University Libraries