Southern Africa

A Monthly Survey of News and Opinion
(VOL. V, No. 1)
by Southern Africa Committee
with W.W. Plummer
New York, New York, United States
January 1972
28 pages
Contents: 1. FEATURE - Notes from A Recent Trip to South Africa • 2. INSIDE SOUTH AFRICA • Review of Unity Movement Trial • Security Police Active • October Raids Recalled • Government Reaction • Nationalist Press Explanations • Terrorism Act Defended • 3. INSIDE ZIMBABWE • The Sell-Out Settlement • Price for Settlement • The Church Fights Discrimination • On the Liberation Front • 4. THE PORTUGUESE TERRITORIES • Caetano Proclaims State of "Subversion" • Archbishops Support Portugal • Impending Use of Herbicides in Guinea-Bissau • Cabral on British Tour • New York Times Reporter in Liberated Guinea-Bissau • Angola's Economic Status • Smith Aids Portugal • MPLA Progress • Strategic Road Planned • Tete Area Astir • Prisoners Exchanged • Cape Verde Action • Zambia Won's Have Dialogue With Portugal • 5. ACTION NEWS AND NOTES • British Colleges on Investment • Trade Associations Maneuver • Trade Unions Against Portugal • Black Groups Move on "Portuguese" Africa • Voster's SS Still Under Attack • 6. INSIDE NAMIBIA • SWAPO War Communique on September-October Actions • Anti-Government Spokesman Sacked • SWA and SA United Parties Merge • Namibia Strikers Shock South Africa • 7. THE UNITED STATES AND SOUTHERN AFRICA • U.S. Handbook on South Africa • Chrome Question • Azores Deal Means Increased U.S. Backing of Portugal's Colonial Wars • 8. THE LIBERATION MOVEMENTS • South African Journalist Calls for "Non-White Fighters" • New Zimbabwe Front Moves Ahead • OAU Mission No. One-Aid Promised to Movements • U.N. Agencies-More Action • Movements Analyzed • ANC Statement on Proposed National Convention in South Africa • 9. ECONOMICS • Multiracial Team of U.S. Churchmen Visit South Africa to Investigate U.S. Firms • Dayton City Council Rejects Gulf Oil Bid • White Industries Allowed to Invest in Bantustans • NCR Staging U.S. Tour for South African Businessmen • Japan Defends Trade with South Africa • The State of the South African Economy • Africans in the Mines • 10. THE CHURCHES AND SOUTHERN AFRICA • Church Unveils Plaque Commemorating District Six Removals • Minister Supports Border Troops • Churches Decide to Support Persons Banned, Detained • Churches Join Public Outcry Over Timol • Another UCM Leader "Terrorized" into Fleeing • South African Lutherans Deplore Apartheid • Rhodesian Catholic Church Ends Truce with Smith Regime • Dean's Appeal to Begin February 1 • U.S Churches Help Rhodesia Break Embargo • 11. BOOK REVIEWS • "The Terror Fighters" by Al Venter • "Terrorism" by Michael Morris • "The Silent War" by Reg Shay and Chris Vermaak • Africa Report on Educational Materials on Southern Africa • 12. SPORTS • Separate and Inferior Facilities Accorded to Black Athletes • South African Sports Boycott Grows • Hain to Go On Trial • Gary Player Criticized • 13. STUDENTS • SASO Banned From Campuses • Students Banned, Detained, and Raided • SASO to Ignore Pro-Dialogue Blacks • Lecturers Quit • Hundreds of Students Beaten • 14. AT THE UNITED NATIONS (U.N. Funds for Southern Africa) • 15. SOUTHERN AFRICA COMMITTEE RESOURCE LIST • The newsletter includes notes by Dr. W. W. Plummer, a black dentist from Grand Rapids, Michigan who is a member of the Council for Christian Social Action of the United Church of Christ; Dr. Plummer was a member of the delegation of U.S. churchmen who recently visited South Africa to investigate U.S. firms there. The newsletter discusses Soweto, the African National Congress, Goodyear, the Unity Movement of South Africa, the Terrorism Act, the Security Police, Mtayeni Cutshela, Transkei, Jonathan Byneveldt, Mtonsasa Police Station, Pondoland, Mbojuyana Tekase, the Special Branch, David Soggot, Joergen Wagner, Quentin Jacobson, David Smith, Martin Cohen, Colin Marquard, Michael Markovitz, Martin Notcutt, Colleen Crawford, Winston Saoli, Patrick Moelstane, Kerwin Chiya, Hajira Essop, Mohamed Essop, the Bureau for State Security (BOSS), General H. J. van den Bergh, Ahmed Timol, Prime Minister John Vorster, Sir Alex Douglas Home, ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union), Ndabaningi Sithole, ZAPU (Zimbabwe African Peoples Union), Joshua Nkomo, Michael Mawema ,Edison Sithole, Josiah Chinamano, Cephas Msipa, Ronald Sadomba, Salim A. Salim, Claire Palley, Archbishop Nunes Gabriel, the American Committee on Africa (ACOA), PAIGC, he United Nations Fourth Committee on Decolonization, Amilcar Cabral, White Father Cesare Bertulli, FRELIMO, William Borders, student protests, Manchester College, the Anti-Apartheid Movement, the Hunter College Black Student Union, the Portuguese invasion of Guinea (Conakry), the United National South West Party (UNSWP), the United Party, Tsumeb, American Metal Climax, Newmont Mining, Gulf Oil’s operations in Cabinda, FROLIZI, the Organization of African Unity, the African Liberation Committee, George Magombe, UNESCO, UNDP, FAO, Chrysler, GM (General Motors), IBM, Goodyear, Polaroid, Mobil, Caltex, the Congress for Reconciliation, the Gulf Boycott Coalition, the Bantu Investment Corporation, the Industrial Conciliation Act, U.S. AID, the National Cash Register Company, Anglo-American Corporation, gold, Donald Morton, University Christian Movement (UCM), the Most Rev. Dennis Hurley, the Rev. Alex Borraine, the Christian Institute, Rev. C. F. Beyers Naude, Sir de Villiers Graaff, the Land Tenure Act, Anglican Dean Gonville Aubrey ffrench-Beytagh, Foote Mineral, Union Carbide, Ian Smith, UDI, Chester Marcus, Cabora Bassa, Africa Research Group, Liberation Support Movement, the Committee of Returned Volunteers, Peter Hain, the South African Students Organization (SASO), the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS), the International Chamber of Commerce, Bell Helicopter Company, the Pan African Liberation Committee, and the Southern African Relief Fund.
This item was digitized for Aluka, which made it available to the African Activist Archive.
Used by permission of former members of the Southern Africa Committee.
Collection: Northwestern University Libraries