Operation Namibia Bulletin

Operation Namibia '76 - '79
(# 10)
by Philadelphia Namibia Action Group, Operation Namibia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
February 1979
Publisher: Operation Namibia, Philadelphia Namibia Action Group
4 pages
The newsletter says the Golden Harvest had been on its way to Namibia for a year and a half when it anchored in Accra, Ghana last spring. There the crew was well-received by David Acquah of the Ghana National Committee Against Apartheid. The newsletter says after leaving the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius last summer, the Fri headed for Tulear, Malagasy but was unexpectedly refused entry there and sailed on to Maputo, Mozambique. Contents: The Golden Harvest • Trouble in Nigeria • The FRI • Namibia Update • Can You Help? • Philadelphia Namibia Action Group: Who are we and what do we do? • Thanks To You, the Books Project Has Survived
Used by permission of Kenneth K. Martin, a former member of the Philadelphia Namibia Action Group who provided this PDF
Collection: Private collection of Kenneth K. Martin