Operation Namibia Bulletin

(# 7)
by Operation Namibia, Philadelphia Namibia Action Group
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
August 1977
Publisher: Philadelphia Namibia Action Group
4 pages
The newsletter says a second boat and crew have joined the Books Project!, South Africa has apparently given up its push for a Turnhalle interim government in Namibia, and the Philadelphia Namibia Action Group (PNAG) has been busy with local meetings and actions, and has begun a campaign against the importation of Namibian sardines Bishop Colin O'Brien Winter, who is in exile from his Anglican diocese in Namibia, spoke at two public meetings. A week after Colin Winter's visit, PNAG hosted Bill Anderson who had deserted his post in Namibia where he was stationed with the South African army. Contents: "FRI" Joins the Books for a Free Namibia Project--Needs Radio Operator • Adventures Aboard the Golden Harvest or "Ouch! Bump! Rocks!" • Other News from the Golden Harvest • Update on Namibia News • THE PHILADELPHIA NAMIBIA ACTION GROUP • Comings and Goings . . . • Visits from a Bishop-in-exile and a South African Army Deserter • Picketing in Wilmington, Incarcerated at Seabrook • A New Campaign Target: The Del Monte Corporation
Used by permission of Kenneth K. Martin, a former member of the Philadelphia Namibia Action Group who provided this PDF.
Collection: Private collection of Kenneth K. Martin