Operation Namibia Bulletin

(No. 3)
by Operation Namibia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
April 15, 1975
7 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The newsletter says Operation Namibia plans to sail a boat with banned books where the multinational crew meets up with big bad ol' South Africa and . . . Contents: Operation Namibia - Recent Events • Criteria for Nonviolent Intervention in Namibia • A Scenario • "BOOKS FOR A FREE NAMIBIA" - A MORE DETAILED DISCUSSION • Why do you choose to work on Namibia? • What do you hope to accomplish? • Why did you pick this particular action? Why not work on your own governments and corporations? • How does this project help to achieve your goals? • Why a boat? Why books? • Isn't sending aid patronizing? • Why do you organize openly? If you really want to get the books in, you'll have to smuggle them in. • What is all this emphasis on nonviolence? • How do you relate to South Africa in this project? • Are there legal questions involved? • What's your relationship with SWAPO? • What happened after the action is finished? • Immediate Needs • Operation Namibia Addresses
Used by permission of Kenneth K. Martin, a former member of the Philadelphia Namibia Action Group who provided this PDF.
Collection: Private collection of Kenneth K. Martin