by Special Committee Against Apartheid
New York, New York, United Nations
May 9, 1985
Publisher: United Nations General Assembly
8 pages
Summary record of the 565th meeting of the Special Committee Against Apartheid held on May 7, 1985. Chairman: Mr. Garba (Nigeria). In a statement the Chairman stressed the extreme gravity of the current situation in South Africa. The Chairman said verbal condemnations of apartheid by major Western countries which continued to invest in South Africa were unacceptable. The Chairman noted with satisfaction that Denmark was enacting a law prohibiting new investments in South Africa and that he had received a copy of a bill introduced by the Government of Sweden in Parliament in order to strengthen a law enacted in 1979 to prohibit new investments in South Africa. The Special Committee Against Apartheid then held a hearing of student leaders. Those testifying included Mr. Nessen (American Committee on Africa), Mr. Noguera (Steve Biko Sit-in Committee, University of California at Berkeley), Mr. Ngubeni (University of California at Los Angeles), Mr. Swift (University of Wisconsin Students' Association), Ms. Gcabasha (Anti-Apartheid Coalition), Ms, Krauss (Progressive Students League), Mr. Wallace (University of Texas at Austin, Steve Biko Committee), Mr. Iosbaker (University of Iowa, Progressive Student Network), Ms. Evens (Congress for Divestment, Cornell University), Ms. Baldwin (Coalition Against Apartheid, Yale University), Ms. Pitts (Coalition for Total Divestment, Rutgers University), Mr. Meyers (Endowment for Divestiture, Princeton University), Mr. Jennings (United States Student Association), and Mr. Hirsch (Coalition for a Free South Africa, Columbia University). [Notes: The summary record has an error; the name is Gcabashe not Gcabasha. Anne Evens of Cornell University was a member of the South Africa Divestment Coalition, the name in this document is apparently an error.]