Interview with Sylvia Hill

by Sylvia Hill (Interviewee), William Minter (Interviewer)
Washington, DC, United Nations
August 12, 2004
26 pages
Type: Interview Transcript
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Sylvia Hill is a long-time activist on Southern Africa Hill discusses the Patriotic Front and ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union). Hill discusses UNITA and MPLA. Hill discusses SWAPO (South West African People's Organisation) and Theo-Ben Gurirab. Hill discusses the purchase of medical supplies for women and children in SWAPO refugee camps in Angola. Hill discusses the sanctions movement and the divestment movement. Hill discusses Cecelie Counts, Sandra Hill, Robert Van Lierop, Jennifer Davis, Randall Robinson, and Bill Lucy and AFSCME. Hill discusses demonstrations at the South African Embassy, Deak Perera against the sale of the Krugerrand, and the corporate offices of Shell Oil because of investment in South Africa. Hill discusses Southern Africa Support Project (SASP), the Free South Africa Movement, the American Committee on Africa (ACOA), the Washington Office on Africa (WOA), the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and TransAfrica. Hill discusses the African National Congress (ANC), Lindiwe Mabuza, and Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela. [This is the second of two interviews with William Minter.]
This interview was conducted as research for the book No Easy Victories: African Liberation and American Activists over a Half Century, 1950-2000. With assistance of Aluka (, the interview was transcribed and prepared for presentation on the web. The transcript was reviewed by the interviewee, and an introduction was prepared by one of the editors of No Easy Victories. The transcript also is available on the No Easy Victories website.
Used by permission of William Minter, Editor, No Easy Victories