Summary Record of the 608th Meeting Special Committee Against Apartheid

by Special Committee Against Apartheid
New York, New York, United Nations

September 16, 1987

Publisher: United Nations
11 pages

Hearing on the review of the grave situation in South Africa and student action in the United States against apartheid held at Headquarters, New York, on Friday, 11 September 1987. Chairman: Mr. Garba (Nigeria). Those testifying included: Ms. Allen (Children United Against Apartheid), Ms. Anderson (Task Force on Human Rights, University of Northern Idaho), Mr. Brame (Illinois Alliance of Black Student Organizations), Mr. Erwin (Anti-Apartheid Coalition, Western Washington University), Mr. Kagehiro (Hawaii Committee for Africa, University of Hawaii), Mr. McKinley (Action Against Apartheid, University of North Carolina), Mr. Montgomery (Steven Biko Committee, University of Texas at Austin), Ms. Nadasen (University of Michigan Students Against Apartheid), Ms. Negron (University Student Senate of the City University of New York), Ms. Parker (Washington, D.C. Student Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism), Mr. Pitard (Tuskegee University), Mr. Ramsey (Atlanta Student Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism), Ms. Shulman (Concerned Students and Faculty for Divestment, University of Montana), Ms. Ellis (National Association of Black Law Students). Mr. Shelton (Missourians Against Apartheid), Mr. Taylor (Black Student Union, Fisk University, Nashville), Ms. Thomas (Black Student Communications Organizing Network (BSCON)), Ms. Tynan (Penn State University Committee for Justice in Southern Africa), Ms. Weitzel (Coalition for Divestment, University of Missouri at Columbia), Mr. Fisher (Lehman College), Ms. Baloyi (Columbia University), Ms. Jones (University Coalition for a Free Southern Africa). [Note: The name of Ms. Shulman is spelled incorrectly in the document as Ms. Schulman.]