RACE TO POWER The Struggle for Southern Africa

by Africa Research Group
with Alan Kellock, Margaret Marshall, David Olsen, Elsa Roberts, Wendy Sisson, Coby Everdell (Cover and Drawings), Carol Bengelsdorf (Drawings)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Fall 1971
106 pages
Contents: Preface • Part One: The Countries of Southern Africa • South Africa: Life Under Apartheid • Life Under Portuguese Colonialism • Rhodesia - South Africa's Northern Cousin • Part Two: Southern Africa in World Politics • Portugal and the West • Apartheid Takes the Offensive: the Regionalization of Southern Africa • South Africa and the West • Perspectives on the Seventies • For Further Reading • The pamphlet includes the poem An Agony by Joyce Sikhakane 
Used by permission of Danny Schechter, Sam Barnes and Robert Maurer, former members of Africa Research Group.
Collection: Africa Research Group (Danny Schechter collection) archive, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections