Washington Notes on Africa

by Washington Office on Africa
Washington, DC, United States
May 27, 1976
8 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage outside Africa: United States, United Kingdom
Language: English
Contents: Kissinger's Africa Trip: NSSM 39 Revisited • The Rationale for the Kissinger Trip • Kissinger's "new" Africa policy • The ten elements of Kissinger's alternative for Rhodesia • 1. Acceptance of British Prime Minister Callaghan's proposal that majority rule be achieved not later than two years after conclusion of settlement talks. 2. No U.S. diplomatic and material help to Rhodesia until a settlement. 3. Repeal the Byrd Amendment and press others to adhere to sanctions. 4. Clear and direct communication from the U.S. to the Salisbury regime of "our view of the urgency of a rapid negotiated settlement leading to majority rule." 5. U.S. citizens will be advised against entering Rhodesia and American residents urged to leave. 6. Compensate Mozambique $12.5 million for closing its border with Rhodesia. 7. The U.S. is ready to alleviate economic hardship for any countries which decided to enforce sanctions by closing their frontiers. 8. Humanitarian aid to Rhodesia refugee. 9. Aid to an independent Zimbabwe and aid to transition to majority rule. 10. Assistance to "a secure future" and "civil rights" for white in Rhodesia. • Kissinger's Line on Namibia • South Africa: The Crux of the Policy • Assessment: Will it Work?
Used by permission of the Washington Office on Africa.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root