Cultural Solidarity Evening and People's March

by Feb 4th Coalition
New York, New York, United States
January 1976
Publisher: February 4th Coalition
2 pages
Contents: U.S., SOUTH AFRICA, ZAIRE, OUT OF ANGOLA!! • THE MPLA - A NATIONAL ORGANIZATION • WHY THE U.S. IS INVOLVED • THE CURRENT SITUATION • COME TO THE CULTURAL EVENING - FRI., FEB. 6 • COME TO THE PEOPLE'S MARCH-SAT., FEB. 7 • SUPPORT THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF ANGOLA • Leaflet for two events supporting the MPLA and the People's Republic of Angola and opposing the intervention of the United States, South Africa and Zaire organized by the February 4th Coalition. Members of this coalition are the Liberation Support Movement, International Socialists, MPLA Solidarity Committee, International Workers Party, Organization of Arab Students, Eugene Oregon Committee, People's Democratic Association, Eritreans for Liberation, National Anti-Imperialist Movement, Deacons for Defense, Puerto Rican Socialist Party, Prairie Fire, Guardian newsweekly, Youth Against War and Fascism (YAWF), Iranian Students Association, and Progressive Greek Students. Endorsers are Liberation News Service, El Comite, Union of Vietnamese in the U.S., Venceremos Brigade, NACLA, and Southern Africa Committee. [Note: The National Anti-Imperialist Movement is presumably the National Anti-Imperialist Movement in Solidarity with African Liberation (NAIMSAL) and Prairie Fire is presumably Prairie Fire Organizing Committee.]
Used by permission of former members of the MPLA Solidarity Committee which was part of the February 4th Coalition.
Collection: Private collection of Richard Knight