Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa

by Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Undated, Fall 1972?
2 pages
Contents: POLITICAL POSITION • PRACTICE • PROJECTIONS • RELATIONSHIP TO NAAIC • The leaflet says MACSA is an organization of individuals in the Madison community who are concerned to publicize the conditions of colonial, imperialistic, and racial oppression in Southern Africa, to offer material assistance to those peoples who are fighting against the oppression which daily confronts them, and to press for elimination of U.S. governmental and corporate support of the repressive white minority regimes in the Southern African states. The leaflet says our activities during the past year included two fundraising campaigns (one still in progress), publication of a newsletter, some (limited) use of local media, sponsorship of speakers on the progress of the Southern African liberation movements, self-education sessions during which we concentrated on history, stance, and state of specific liberation movements, and numerous speaking engagements. The leaflet says early in the year we offered our assistance (primarily in the form of speakers and newspaper articles) to the Madison Young World Development group whose walk raised approximately $18,000 for FRELIMO in Mozambique, also during the fall we carried through a fund-raising campaign which raised over $1,200 for FRELIMO and MPLA, a portion of which was channeled through LSM in Vancouver for the purchase of medical supplies for the Angolan struggle. The leaflet says the fall campaign will focus on PAIGC and will emphasize U.S. military involvement in the Portuguese colonial wars; we hope to cooperate with other local groups in this endeavor. In the spring our fund-raising activities will focus on Zimbabwe and South Africa, with money raised to go through though OAU Liberation Committee or another suitable channel for the liberation struggle in these two areas. The leaflet discusses LSM (Liberation Support Movement), NAAIC (North American Anti-Imperialist Coalition), the OAU (Organization of Africa Unity), Ray-o-Vac, ESB Inc., (Electric Storage Battery), and a pamphlet entitled Is Southern Africa Wisconsin's Business.
Used by permission of David Wiley and William Minter, former members of Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa.
Collection: Carole Collins Papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections