Minutes of the October 13 Plenary Session on National Co-ordination at Working Conference on Southern Africa at Madison, Wisconsin

Washington, DC, United States
Undated; enclosed in an October 22, 1975 mailing
5 pages
I. DISCUSSION OF BASIS OF UNITY FOR FUTURE Work A. Proposal of Congress of Afrikan People B. Five principles of unity from this conference • The following amendment to Part 3 was offered by the Congress of Afrikan People • The Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa proposed that Part 2 should be deleted • The Center for Social Action proposed that the following words be added as a preamble • Statement by the Congress of Afrikan People on basis of unity II. PROPOSALS FOR STRUCTURE AND PRIORITIES A. National Office B. National co-ordinating committee C. Local group initiatives on different issues D. Synthesis of local responsibility and nation co-ordinating steering committee CAUCUSES OF LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS for 1 2 hour to discuss structures and priorities • The lost of project priorities were voted on • Structure of the steering committee was approved as follows by consensus • The balloting procedure will be by mail. [This document was apparently produced in Washington, DC.]
Used by permission of members of several participating groups.
Collection: Carole Collins Papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections