Status Report to All Members of the Planning Group pf the Working Conference on Southern Africa

by Christine Root, Ken Vickery, Ted Lockwood, Washington Office on Africa
Washington, DC, United States
October 3, 1975
3 pages
Mailing to members of the planning group of the Working Conference on Southern Africa outlining plans and issues related to the conference. The mailing says things are looking good on all fronts. Speakers. Ambassador Salim Salim has accepted but will not know until the last minute whether he will be able to come. We have asked Ben Magubane, whom we also asked to be a general resource person to the conference, to prepare to fill the gap in the event Ambassador Salim can’t make it. We ended up asking Michele Russell for Detroit to speak. Jennie Davis accepted, to begin the process, so that her lucid and careful analysis has been ours from the start. Registrations. We have registrations from 35 groups. Who have named 71 delegates and made requests for 21 additional persons over the 3-delegate limit. SWAPO, ZAPU, ZANU, PAC and MPLA will each send an official delegate. Funds. We are very grateful to the various churches and persons for responding so well to our requests for funds; but we are still tight. Questions we answered because we had to.
Used by permission of members of several participating groups.
Collection: Carole Collins Papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections