[Dear Members of the Coalition]

by Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa, Chris Root
Washington, DC, United States
Undated, September or early October 1976
3 pages
Mailing to members of the Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa about the Steering Committee meeting on October 9 & 10 in Jackson, Mississippi. The mailing includes information on time, place, travel info, important phone numbers and communication. The mailing contains a very brief progress report of each of the projects that the Coalition has tried to undertake. PROGRESS REPORT. 1. Presidential Campaign Proposal. 2. Namibia Mass Action Proposal. 3. Inviting New Groups to Join the Coalition. 4. Telephone Hot-Line. 5. Expanding Steering Committee; BA-NAG's Membership. 6. Finding Out About Film Resources. 7. Coalition Newsletter. 8. Zimbabwe Bibliography. 9. Evaluation of Coalition Work on Angola. 10. Holding a National Conference on Southern Africa. 11. Finances.
Used by permission of members of several participating groups.
Collection: Carole Collins Papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections