Workshop on Campaigns Against Bank Loans

by International Seminar on Loans to South Africa
Zurich, Switzerland
5-7 April 1981
5 pages
The document reports on the International Seminar on Loans to South Africa held in Zurich, Switzerland, April 5-7, 1981 attended by groups researching and campaigning against bank loans to South Africa. The campaigning or organizations set up IBCASA [presumably International Banking Campaign Against South Africa]. The agreed ti cooperate in certain ways such as the exchange of information, joint activities against certain banks and an international newsletter. The Seminar was organized by the Special Committee Against Apartheid in cooperation with the World Council of Churches; the Non-Governmental Organizations Sub-Committee on Racism, Racial Discrimination, Apartheid and Decolonization; the Swiss Anti-Apartheid Movement [Mouvement Anti-Apartheid Suisse]; and the Berne Declaration Group. Contents: Introduction • 1. United Kingdom • 2. Federal Republic of Germany • 3. Switzerland • 4. United States • 5. Canada • 6. France • 7. Belgium • 8. The Netherlands • Summary
Collection: Carole Collins Papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections