U.S. Out of Southern Africa Divest Now!

by Midwest Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa
Chicago, Illinois, United States
About March 1979
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Leaflet advertising a demonstration in Chicago to raise demands and show solidarity with the liberation struggle. The leaflet says that U.S. students and others have been demanding that the U.S. get out of southern Africa and end all support for the racist regimes. The leaflet says the demonstration is part of a nationwide week of action involving hundreds of campuses and thousands of people. Slogans on the leaflet are: "Victory to the Liberation Forces!" and "No to Racism from South Africa to the United States." The leaflet shows a picture of a person holding a sign that says "Up with African Liberation, Down with Apartheid."
Used by permission of former members of the Midwest Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa
Collection: Carole Collins Africa Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections