A Part-Time Anti-Apartheid Activist

by John Gay
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
March 4, 2009
29 pages
Type: Article
Coverage outside Africa: United States, United Kingdom
Language: English
John Gay and his wife Judy Gay lived in Africa from 1958 until 2001 except for a few years when they in the United Kingdom or the United States. African countries they lived in included Liberia and Lesotho. In February 1986 he joined the staff of the Transformation Research Center in Lesotho. When he wrote this article the author was research fellow at the African Studies Center of Boston University. Contents: Conviction, compromise or catalyst? • Liberia and the winds of change • Liberia and South Africa • La luta continua • Politics and culture • Lesotho meets Liberia • Farming and rural development • Into the belly of the beast • Working behind enemy lines • What is the use of experts? • Apartheid and the politics of compromise • Flying under the radar • Taking a break from activism • Friends in the liberation struggle • Activists again • South Africa attacks Lesotho • Music may soothe the savage breast • Catholic heroes of the struggle • We join Transformation • Migrant labor and justice • Escaping isolation by crossing borders • South Africa needs Lesotho's water • Land reform and hunger
Copyright John Gay. This article was written for the African Activist Archive Project.