Agenda for October 11-13 Working Conference on Southern Africa

Washington, DC, United States
September 1975
2 pages
Agenda for the Working Conference on Southern Africa held in Madison, Wisconsin on October 11-13, 1975. Presentations included: "Developments in southern Africa" by Ben Magubane, Professor of Anthropology, University of Connecticut at Storrs and "Developments in U.S. Policy toward Southern Africa" by Jennifer Davis, American Committee on Africa/The Africa Fund. There was a panel "Analyzing and overcoming race and class divisions in work on southern Africa" and small group meetings with liberation movement members (South West Africa People's Organization [SWAPO], Pan Africanist Congress [PAC], Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola [MPLA], National Union for the Total Independence of Angola [UNITA], and the Zimbabwe African National Union [ZANU]). There were a series of workshops.
Used by permission of members of several participating groups.
Collection: Carole Collins Papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections