South Africa: Foreign Investment and Apartheid

by Kathleen McTigue, Robert DeGrasse, Lawrence Litvak, South Africa Catalyst Project
with Helen Hopps (Editor)
Washington, DC, United States
Publisher: Institute for Policy Studies
107 pages
The authors were members of the South Africa Catalyst Project. Contents: Forward • Introduction • I. The Progressive Forces Argument • A. Critical Appraisal • Historical Roots of Racial Oppression in South Africa • The Function of Apartheid (Labor Recruitment and Restrictions of Unionization, Colour Bar, Pass Laws, The Bantustans, The Coercive Apparatus, the Compatibility of Apartheid and Economic Growth, Industrial Relations and the Black Labor Movement) • II. The Economic and Political Impact of American Investment in South Africa • The Modernization of Terror • The Foreign Factor • American Investment in South Africa (Petroleum, Motor Vehicles, Computers, Mining, High Technology and Heavy Engineering, Banking and Finance) • The Political Impact of U.S. Investment in South Africa • U.S. Opposition to Apartheid: A Shield to Protect Investment and Prevent Radical Change • Political Support for Investment • Historical Perspective • III. The Withdrawal of U.S. Investment from South Africa • Disengagement • References (Part I, II and III) • Appendix I: American Firms Operating in South Africa • Appendix II: Bank Loans to South Africa ISBN: 0897580095.
Used by permission of former members of the South Africa Catalyst Project.