One of God's Irregulars: William Overton Johnston and the Challenge to the Church to Divest from Apartheid South Africa, 1954-1971

by Edgar Lockwood
September 2002
Publisher: Anglican and Episcopal History
16 pages
Type: Article
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Reverend Edgar "Ted" Lockwood began his anti-apartheid activity in 1969 when he helped organize a protest in the lobby of the Episcopal Church Center in New York against the investment of church monies in banks making loans to South Africa. A graduate of the University of Virginia Law School, in 1971 he went to South Africa as an observer at two Terrorism Act trials and visited Namibia to investigate conditions in the territory. He served as Executive Director of the Washington Office on Africa from 1972-1980. He was International Affairs Representative of the American Friends Service Committee from February 1982 until January 1986, based in Harare, Zimbabwe. William "Bill" Johnston founded Episcopal Churchman for a Free South Africa (ECSA) that was later renamed Episcopal Churchpeople for a Free Southern Africa. ECSA was closed following Johnston's death in 1998. This article first appeared in Anglican and Episcopal History, Vol. 71, September 2002.
Used by permission of Edgar Lockwood and Anglican and Episcopal History.
Collection: Private collection of Edgar Lockwood