The Howard Connection: SOUTH AFRICA

by Howard Committee Against Racism
Hyattsville, Maryland, United States
Undated, 1977?
16 pages
Contents: INTRODUCTION • LIFE UNDER APARTHEID • HOWARD'S AFFILIATION WITH APARTHEID IN SOUTH AFRICA • DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE SULLIVAN PRINCIPLES!! • WHY SHOULD HOWARD STUDENTS AND WORKERS FIGHT AGAINST THE UNIVERSITY’S HOLDINGS IN SOUTH AFRICA? • IS APARTHEID COMING TO THE U.S.? • HOW CLOSE ARE WE TO WAR IN AFRICA? • THE BATTLE IN SHABA PROVINCE • CONCLUSION • OUR DEMANDS • The pamphlet says South African apartheid is a political and economic system which has reduced the black population of South Africa to virtual slavery. U.S. corporations take advantage of cheap wages there, thus reinforcing and supporting the highly profitable system of apartheid. U.S. bankers continue to make large loans to these firms and to the South African government. The pamphlet argues that Howard University supports and profits from apartheid because its endowment is heavily invested in 16 multi-national corporations which have subsidiaries in South Africa: Chase Manhattan Bank, Control Data Corporation, Chrysler Corporation, General Electric Co., General Motors Corporation, Gulf Oil Corporation, Honeywell, Inc., IBM, Johnson and Johnson, Eli Lilly Co., Mobil Oil Corp., Exxon Oil Corp, Union Carbide Corp., Xerox Corp., Ford Motor Co., and Singer. The Howard chapter of the International Committee Against Racism (CAR) is committed to smashing this complicity in modern slavery. It intends to build a mass, militant, multi-racial movement at Howard to carry out this project. The pamphlet demands are to sell Howard's investments in corporations with subsidiaries in South Africa and oppose ROTC programs at Howard. “Segregation here, apartheid there, smash racism everywhere!”
Collection: Private collection of Bill Bleich