Meeting – November 20th, 1970

by Committee for a Free Mozambique
New York, New York, United States
November 1970
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Type: Meeting Minutes
Coverage in Africa: Mozambique
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: Agenda • Minutes Nov. 4th meeting at Weikerts • The minutes say the agenda of the November 20th meeting are 1) Evaluation of Gulf Oil Demonstration 2) Evaluation of Monday night meeting with FRELIMO 3) November Mailing a) Approval of letter for mailing & questions concerning it b) Volunteers to put out mailing 4) Letter to McGill and Senators - what about signatures, address 5) Other. The minutes of the November 4th meeting say attending the November 4th meeting were Eric, Lynne and Jim Weikert, Tim Smith, Mimi Edmunds, Dorset Edmunds, Dick Leonard, Peter Larry, Larry Frank, Janet Hooper, Nancy Freehafer, Gail (and some handwritten names Nick Gerrin, Peter Shaw, Andy Bermen). The minutes of the November 4th meeting say Jim ant Tim gave a short background of the Committee for those new; Lynne gave a short report on the response to date: 51 replies and slightly over $280.00. The minutes of the November 4th meeting say plans were made for the Gulf Oil Demonstration at the Business School where President of Gulf, B.R. Dorsey, was speaking on Nov. 5th; after a lengthy discussion we decided the goal of the demonstration was to expose and challenge Gulf while attempting to educate the audience at the Business School; tactics were to sell Gulf booklets and Africa Today and to leaflet outside; our group will disperse throughout the audience except for five people who are to hold already signs condemning Gulf while Dorsey speaks; others in the audience were to judge the situation and whether it call for escalation of disruptions or a calmer wait to the end and if it looked like would be a question and answer period. The minutes of the November 4 h meeting say Problems about our next mailing: a) Letter; decided we would give a warm welcome, request speaking engagements for Khan (mention a fee?), and some confusion about whether financial statement should be included b) Khan's speech will be used in this mailing; Peter contact Khan to ask for his speech as well as to inform about the $100 we are giving FRELIMO. The minutes of the November 4th meeting say Financial Statement-about $280 not counting what we already have in bank; we decided to sent $100 to Frelimo and give our regular $50 to Khan; question-are we increasing our monthly to Khan as our monthly pledges increase? The minutes of the November 4th meeting say we divided up the letters that need answering.

Used by permission of former members of the Committee for a Free Mozambique.

Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers