[Dear Friends of Mozambique: This isĀ· our first mailing to you this fall after our summer break.]

by Committee for a Free Mozambique
New York, New York, United States
September 26, 1971
1 page
Type: Mailing
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Netherlands
Language: English
The mailing says six of our New York members were in East Africa this summer and arranged to spend a few days visiting Frelimo headquarters; the News & Notes written by them describes their interview with Samora Machel, the President of FRELIMO, and their visit to Bagamoyo where Frelimo's secondary school is located; their experience has certainly inspired all of us to continue our work. The mailing says also in the monthly mailing you will find an appeal from "Facts and Reports", a biweekly publication of press clippings about southern Africa published by the Angola Comite of Amsterdam; if you would like to subscribe to their report or to help them with press cuttings, please write them. The mailing says the Liberation Support Movement has given us a leaflet to send along to you for your information and help if you can give it. The mailing says September 25th is the Founding Day of FRELIMO and was celebrated in New York City by Friends and supporters of FRELIMO; such a day marks a good beginning to our fall efforts.
Used by permission of former members of the Committee for a Free Mozambique.
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers