[Dear Friends of Mozambique: On December 10 of last year the U.S. and Portuguese Governments signed an agreement which will grant Portugal $436 million in Export-Import backed loans a…]

by Committee for a Free Mozambique
New York, New York, United States
January 24, 1972
2 pages
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: Mozambique
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Portugal
Language: English
The mailing says on December 10 of last year the U. S. and Portuguese Governments signed an agreement which will grant Portugal $436 million in Export-Import backed loans and material aid in return for continued U.S. use of air and naval bases in the Portuguese Azores; the enormous aid pact comes at a time when Portugal is desperately trying to hold up a faltering economy, control wide spread domestic unrest, and keep up its three front war in Africa. The mailing says the Committee for a Free Mozambique has just received a letter from the President of FRELIMO which describes the U.S.-Portugal pact as the latest escalation of U.S. Government aggression against the people of Mozambique; at the same time President Samora M. Machel notes that "the Mozambican people make a clear distinction between American imperialism, which is our enemy, and the courageous and democratic people of the United States, towards whom we feel the warmest sentiments of friendship and solidarity." The mailing says this month's News and Notes will be devoted to an explanation of the new agreement which heralds the latest and most significant contribution of the U.S. to Portugal. The mailing says FLASH: GULF OIL REJECTED BY DAYTON OHIO CITY COUNCIL (over). The mailing says DAYTON ANTI-GULF ACTION: In a major victory for the Gulf Boycott Coalition, founded in Dayton last July, the City Council of that Ohio city, rejected a bid from Gulf Oil to sell gasoline; the contract worth $56,000 was on the first level turned down because of Gulf's bad minority hiring record, but the role of Gulf in exploiting Angola was part of the general debate. The mailing says FRELIMO TACTICS SUCCEED: FRELIMO mining techniques have proved successful in Tete Province wrecking railroad tracks and supply trains going to Cabora Bassa; the activity is reportedly affecting Malawi as Portuguese reprisals on civilians have forced people to enter that small state (Guardian/UK, 12/17/71); in Niassa Province FRELIMO was able to stop short a Portuguese dry season offensive; 60 Portuguese soldiers were killed in October and after 17 days the colonialists withdrew; in Cabo Delgado Province FRELIMO has exposed an enemy tactic of using African agents disguised as FRELIMO guerrillas. The mailing includes: FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE FOR A FREE MOZAMBIQUE FOR 1971. The mailing discusses Samora Machel.

Used by permission of former members of the Committee for a Free Mozambique.

Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers