RE: Report from political action committee meeting and a conversation with Ann Seidman

by Chris Root, Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
Washington, DC, United States
February 1, 1984
Publisher: Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
2 pages
Type: Memorandum
Coverage in Africa: South Africa, Southern Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Central America
Language: English

Memorandum to the ACAS Steering Committee saying the political action committee would like the steering committee to be involved in deciding on political action priorities. Attention has been focused on liaison work with groups working on Latin America, the southern Africa campaign statement and its political use, and support for a major conference on South African destabilization. The political action committee alone would not be able to take on the campaign statement project, which would have two goals: to affect the political climate in which southern Africa is debated in this election year, and to help build ACAS as an organization. The committee could arrange drafting of the campaign statement, but help is needed to circulate it for signature (to the ACAS, African Studies Association (ASA), and African Heritage Studies Association (AHSA) networks) and then doing the political outreach needed to make use of the document. Also, the committee recommends that ACAS agree to be one of the "core" groups putting on a tribunal and conference on South African destabilization. The southern Africa workshop at the ACAS meeting discussed the idea for this event, and Bill Minter and Chris Root have been participating in Washington planning meetings thus far. Ann Seidman and Chris Root met about the Central America liaison project; we think it might be feasible to organize one or two meetings (perhaps on the east and west coasts). This could help us put together high-quality panel(s) at ASA, and perhaps a book might come out of this process in addition.

Used by permission of several co-chairs of the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars.
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers