[Dear Bill, Many things have happened since we last spoke in early December, so I thought it would be useful to submit a short interim report to all ACAS Board members.]

by Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
February 19, 1982
3 pages
Letter to ACAS Board member Bill Minter from Executive Secretary Allen Isaacman. ACAS now has about 90 paid members, triple the recent number. Almost all have indicated a willingness to participate in some way. A Newsletter has recently been published and two ACAS committees are functioning. Joel Samoff, Research Chair, has compiled a list of some 50 people willing to write various types of papers. The Political Education and Action Committee has put together a telephone tree; Nzongola and Chris have remained in contact with TransAfrica and the Washington Office on Africa and have, in a very limited way, begun to work together on some campaigns. Isaacman expresses the desire for more sustained cooperation with various progressive organizations. ACAS has also played an important role in the Dennis Brutus Defense Campaign and in gaining the release of Ernest Wamba from a Zairean prison; ACAS also opposed the transfers of U.S. military technology, computers, etc., to South Africa. Attention is needed on the plight of Ethiopian students in the U.S. Isaacman reports that he is  devoting about ten hours a week to ACAS, and several Board members have also committed a substantial amount of time. A co-chair is needed to work with Tom Shick on the Newsletter, and a committee is needed to organize ACAS panels at the African Studies Association (ASA), African Heritage Studies Association (AHSA), and  other meetings. Samoff is willing to help organize a roundtable on "Socialist Progress in Africa--Claims and Problems of Assessment" at the ASA meeting.
Used by permission of several co-chairs of the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars.
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers