Minutes, Steering Committee, Boston, Dec. 7, 1983

by Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
Undated, presumably December 1983
2 pages
Alpers, Isaacman, W. Johnson, Root, Wallerstein, and M.C. Wiley were present. 1. Newsletter: The last issue of 1983 will be a double issue, with reports on the 1983 meetings plus a renewal letter and funding appeal from the Treasurer. Three issues in 1984 will be primarily "News and Notes." 2. ACAS will organize three panels at 1984 ASA Meetings in Los Angeles: a) Destabilization in southern Africa (organizer: Isaacman), b) Parallels and links between situations in southern Africa and Central America (Alpers), and c) Conflict in the Horn of Africa (Selassie). 3. 1985 joint ASA/MESA (Middle East Studies Association) meetings. ACAS would not get involved in organizing plenary sessions but would organize appropriate panels. 4. Los Angeles area, 1984. Given the convergence of events, particularly the Olympics and the ASA Annual Meetings, Alpers and Thompson will explore possibilities to seek a graduate student to work on various projects;. 5. Divestment activities: a) We shall implement a national campaign to get TIAA/CREF to divest. Dennis Cordell will be asked to organize the campaign. b) Use Newsletter to report on local divestment activities; Lee Farris and Alan Cooper will be asked to coordinate this. 6. National political action: a) Chris Root (after consultation) will seek to establish liaison with Central America activist organizations, including cross-publication in newsletters and joint panels at meetings. b) Destabilization: We will investigate ways to cooperate with/participate in a planned publication being organized by TransAfrica. c) Campaign statement for 1984 elections: Willard Johnson will write initial draft. d) Letter on Wolpe to ASA members: Wallerstein will draft letter from co-chairs. Alpers will try to obtain ASA mailing list. We will inform Wolpe headquarters and ask for their funding of expenses (procedure used in previous election by D. Wiley). e) Western Sahara: Teresa Smith will be asked to alert us to issues and possible actions. f) Political rights in Africa: Nzongola Ntalaja will be asked to coordinate. g) Defence and intelligence funding: Dave Wiley will be asked to assume responsibility for implementing recommendations of his panel. 7. Research. Deferred until return of Ann Seidman.
Used by permission of several co-chairs of the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers