Smash Apartheid in South Africa and the U.S.

Support the South African Rebels-Shut Down the Campuses
by International Committee Against Racism
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Undated, 1985?
15 pages
Type: Pamphlet
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Russian Federation
Language: English
Contents: Get In Touch With InCar • Apartheid in South Africa • U.S. Imperialism Allies with Apartheid • The Fall of Apartheid: Possible Outcomes • Anti-Apartheid Rebellion Rages On • South Africa and WWIII • Will U.S. Bosses Walk Away from South Africa? • GM and Ford: Racists Here, Backers of Apartheid There • The pamphlet says the struggle in South Africa has escalated to a level of violence and militance not seen since the Soweto uprisings. As in 1976, the leadership of these rebellions - often young high school students - is emerging spontaneously; organizations like the African National Congress (ANC) have yet to take over full leadership of the struggle. The pamphlet says the ANC, which advocates armed struggle, is committed to lead a ''liberated" South Africa into the Soviet empire, along with Angola and Mozambique. U.S. campuses have been responding with increasingly militant demonstrations, marches and sit-ins. Columbia, Berkeley, Cornell, the University of Minnesota, UCLA - centers of anti-imperialist and anti-racist protest in the 1960s - are coming to life again. The pamphlet says the rivalry between the two imperialist superpowers plays an important role in the struggle now going on in South Africa. There are, however, some new considerations to take into account: 1) South African workers are further down the road to becoming an organized and conscious class, capable of developing a true communist party; 2) the Soviet Union is now the leading imperialist power, especially in Africa; and 3) on the other hand, the ANC, the main vehicle of Soviet influence, operates from exile in Angola and Mozambique. Photographs in the pamphlet include 1) Vancouver dock workers refuse to unload South Africa cargo, 2) InCAR leads anti-apartheid at Univ. of Minnesota, 3) South African gold miners vote to strike, and 4) Anti-apartheid protesters invade Univ. of Minnesota Trustees’ meeting. The pamphlet mentions Bantustans, Bishop Desmond Tutu, the Progressive Labor Party (PLP), Afrikaners, the Boer War, the National Party, raw materials, Pan African Congress, the Non-European Unity Movement, the Black Consciousness Movement, Steve Biko, liberals, Harry Oppenheimer, oil, the U.S. ruling class, NATO, the Reagan administration, fascists, FRELIMO, Ted Kennedy, Deak-Pereira, the Krugerrand, VW (Volkswagen), Nissan, Toyota, military recruiters, the Worker-Student Alliance, Nicaragua, and the United Nations.
Used by permission of Bill Bleich, a former member of the International Committee Against Racism.
Collection: Private collection of Bill Bleich