by Committee of Returned Volunteers/New York
New York, New York, United States
January 17, 1970
Publisher: Committee for a Free Mozambique
3 pages
Type: Report
Coverage in Africa: Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Bolivia, Canada, Venezuela
Language: English
Contents: I. CRV AIMS (what we hope to accomplish) - PRIMARY • A. To educate our constituency and publicize the role of the U.S. corporation as a supporter of colonialism and opponent liberation, particularly in the Portuguese colonies. • B. To utilize Gulf Oil as a stark example of U.S. international imperialism, and through this educative process to build allies on an anti-imperialist issue. • C. To make visible the international corporation’s participation in ecological destruction (air pollution, water pollution, etc.) • D. To hurt Gulf Oil, realistically through affecting its public relations image at this time (ultimately through reaching its workers and therefore it primary functions). • E. To generate an understanding of the necessity of the liberation struggle, particularly in southern Africa. • II. CRV CONSTITUENCIES • A. Left-Liberal Community • 1. New Mobilization types (peace groups, radical groups) • 2. Quasi-Establishment types a) churches b) university • B. Student Community • C. Black Groups • 1. National Committee of Black Churchman • 2. Pan African Solidarity Week Groups • 3. Black Student Unions • D. Workers • 1. Short term - New York offices (clerical etc.) • 2. Long Term - Oil & Chemical Workers; Black workers • E. Secondary Constituency • 1. Politicos • 2. Journalists • 3. The “public” • III. STATED DEMANDS TO GULF • IV. CRV TASKS -FORMS OF ACTION • A. Research & Constituency Building • B. General Research • C. Support work for Campaign and Education Actions • The report says demands are Gulf Oil Corporation should state its opposition to Portuguese colonialism; states its recognition of the legitimacy of the liberation movements in the Portuguese territories, and withdraw support from Portugal by getting out of Angola (Cabinda) and Mozambique; Gulf Oil Corporation should end support for South African oppression and racism by getting out of South Africa and Namibia; Gulf Oil should return to all of the peoples of the Third World control over the natural resources presently under Gulf and the organization of the means of production of these resources; Gulf Oil Corporation should end its participation in the deteriorating ecological balance of the world. The report says New York CRV will be involved in the production of a national CRV booklet on Gulf Oil, to include an examination of Gulf through the Third World; domestic operations; the Mellons, foundation relations etc. - anyone interested in this research is most welcome. The report discusses New York University, Teachers College, Fordham University, Pace College, Union Theological, New York City University, New York Seminary, the New School, Rockefeller University, the United Federation of Teachers, United Auto Workers, District 65 (RWDSU), Local 1199, United Church of Christ, American Baptist Convention, AFSC, American Jewish Congress, Lutheran Church in America, U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference, United Presbyterian, Episcopal Church, Quakers, Disciples of Christ, American Jewish Committee, Unitarian Church, National Committee of Black Churchmen, YMCA, YWCA, local institutions, stock holdings, Mellon Foundation, Gulf recruiters, phone tree operation, Guerrilla theater, WBAI, Support action in NY for Pittsburgh Stockholders' Meeting, leafleting, direct action, and Pittsburgh.

Used by permission of former members of the Committee of Returned Volunteers.

Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers