by Liberation Support Movement
Richmond, Canada
February 1973
2 pages
Type: Report
Coverage in Africa: Guinea
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Canada
Language: English
Contents: 1. MEDICINES & MEDICAL EQUIPMENT • 2. CLOTHING, SYNTHETIC TEXTILES & BLANKETS • 3. FOOD CONCENTRATE • SEA SHIPMENTS • AIR FREIGHT • NEW EQUIPMENT • MOVEMENT ADDRESSES • Organizations interested in providing material support for the peoples of Angola, Mozambique and Guine (Bissau) have asked for information about how to provide such assistance. This sheet provides information on some of the Movements' supply needs, where to purchase these, and how to send them. The report recommends MPLA's MEDICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICES (SAM), which details the medical plans and needs of MPLA and should be used as a guide for acquiring medicines. LSM has been successful in getting used but valuable equipment from health clinics and large amounts of drug samples from doctors' offices and drug companies. Clothing and blankets are required for militants and villagers. “Used” supplies should be clean, in good condition, and preferably of dark color. Food concentrate is very useful for sustaining mobile guerrilla detachments and villagers whose crops have been destroyed. MPF (Multi-purpose food) is a food concentrate especially developed to provide high protein with essential vitamins and minerals in minimum bulk; it complements well the common high-starch diet of millet or cassava. Locate the shipping agency for East Africa (Tanzania) in your area, or, on the West Coast, Oriental Lines and Nedlloyd Lines. Transpacific Transportation is currently handling shipments for Nedlloyd and will provide departure and arrival dates and assistance in acquiring the proper forms. The sheet emphasizes not to put cargo for the movements on a ship that will call at a Portuguese port. These ships are searched by the Portuguese police, and all goods for the movements are stolen and the crates are refilled with sand and rocks. The report mentions FRELIMO, the Mozambique Institute, Janet Mondlane, Conakry, Lusaka, Dar es Salaam, and PAIGC.
Used by permission of former members of Liberation Support Movement.
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers